Pupil + Eyelid Surgery

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Drooping Left Eyelid Really Bothers Me and Wondering if It Can Hurt Vision if It Starts Covering the Pupil, Even So Slightly.

The last year, I have just noticed my left eye seemed to droop. I started getting really bad anxiety attacks and the doctors ruled out it being... READ MORE

my right eye is higher than the other? (photo)

My right eye is higher than the other. you can tell that the pupil is higher. This bothers me because i look deformed. Any way to fix this or make it... READ MORE

Is it possible to shorten your interpupillary distance? (photo)

So I am determined to get a spot on face and body(mind and soul of course too). I took some tests, and one barrier stopping my face from being a ten... READ MORE

Is there any correction surgical or otherwise for aniscoria?

About 7 years ago a large rock flung at my eye and damaged my iris. Since my pupils have not dilated the same and are always uneven. Sometimes this... READ MORE

Why are my eyes are different shapes and sizes? (photos)

Somedays my eyes are worse than others, I have constant headaches behind my eyes and sometimes my pupils are different sizes. Explanation from my... READ MORE

Why is my eye bulging? Can they be fixed with surgery? (Photo)

I've always have big eyes and as i got older and gained a bit of weight they started to bulge and dont mind that since my dad and his family have same... READ MORE

I recently got a double eyelid non incision surgery and I hate the way it looked on my eyes (Photo)

I'm hoping that my eyes' pupil can get bigger by getting these double eyelids READ MORE

One of my eyes is smaller than the other after blepharoplasty. Is this normal?

One of my eyes is smaller than the other after blepharoplasty, and I notice that the skin is sitting on top of pupil, I feel really upset, talked to... READ MORE

Why is one pupil dilated 5 weeks after upper blepharoplasty?

5 weeks after upper blepharoplasty and one pupil is larger than the other. The eye with the dilated pupil twitches frequently. Does anyone have an... READ MORE

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