Proportion + Eyelid Surgery

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Is There Any Way to Make Eyes Bigger?

I have small deep set eyes with small pupils/irises disproportionate to the rest of my face. Is there any way to make eyes look bigger, such as... READ MORE

My Eyes Seem Too Small for my Head. Is It Possible to Fix This with Surgery?

Hello, I have always had smaller Asian like eyes my entire life. It has always bothered me because to be honest I have a larger head so it to me looks... READ MORE

What exactly determines beauty of the eyes?

What makes some people having attractive eyes and other not? Why we think someone has beautiful eyes, how do we define this? Because of the shape,... READ MORE

Surgery to make eyes look bigger? (photos)

You can probably see from the picture but my eyes are extremely small. I am considering making my eyelids bigger and then maybe getting an eyebrow... READ MORE

Do I have small eyes? (Photo)

Are my eyes in proportion with my face and are very large in size? READ MORE

What can I do to get my eyes symmetric? (photos)

My eyes were measured and they are well above the normal assymetric proportion that is normal with my left eye heavily protruded and I may have ptosis... READ MORE

Could my lateral canthi be extended horizontally? (photos)

I asked here before about craniofacial surgery for my several SDs below average IPD, but the idea wasn't well-received as it apparently does not... READ MORE

I'm really interested to fix my eyelids - my right eyelid is larger than the other and makes it look disproportionate. (photo)

When is the best age to get this done? Why has this happened to my face? I'd like my right eyelid to be smaller so it's the same as my left and my... READ MORE

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