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What did Kylie Jenner do to make her eyes bigger and eyelids sultry?

What procedure would you need to get these puffy sultry eyelids? Prices? READ MORE

I Have a Triple Eyelid. Is There Anyway to Fuse All the Folds Together?

My eyelids have more than 3 folds. I like the thickness of it, but sometimes the top layer folds onto the bottom layer, creating a single eyelid. I... READ MORE

I would like to even out my eyelids, what would be the best procedure? (Photo)

My left eyelid is smaller than my right. The crease line is only a bit lower than my right. I would like for both my crease lines to be the same.... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for puffy eyelids? Is the threading eyelid lift technique still used in 2014?

Or what is the best procedure for very puffy eyelids? Is it safer than eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty/brow lift) or Botox? READ MORE

I want my eyes tightened or slightly pulled back. What is this procedure called?

I have big beautiful eyes (one of my favorite features). But if I wanted them tighten or slightly pulled back, cat like or how Kim Kardashian had hers... READ MORE

What procedure can turn my round eyes into more almond shaped eyes? Will a lateral brow lift help to elongate my eyes? (Photo)

I have round eyes and really like almond shape eyes and I am interested in learning more about it and seeing if I may benefit from it. I like the way... READ MORE

Can you transform a certain eye shape to more almond shaped? (Photo)

Is it possible to transform the eyes of person A to eyes of person B with plastic surgery. If so with what peocedures READ MORE

What is this extra eye fold/skin I have next to my eyelid? (Photo)

I really need some help I have had this since birth I'm only 24 and I want it gone, I can push this bit of skin in and it feels really thin, what is... READ MORE

I had upper and lower Blepharphasty with a pinch; I am 8 weeks out of surgery. skin is discoloured? (Photos)

My issues are as follows, I have an almond shaped eye and the left one is round. My eyelid is rolling away from my eye I also have an L shaped bag of... READ MORE

Is it normal to have fluid build up after lower blepharoplasty? Had procedure on June 11th (Photos)

Have fluid pockets and what looks like a blister on my right eye ball have been using gel lubricants and eye drops consistently have been through 4... READ MORE

I want to correct hooding & open up my eyes. What is the right procedure form? What type of surgeon do I need? (Photo)

I'm a 34 yr old Caucasian woman with prominent epicanthic folds & hooded lids. Aging seems to be further exaggerating my naturally hooded lids and... READ MORE

I'm 23 with tired looking eyes - Am I a candidate for Eyelid Surgery? What procedures do you recommend? (photos)

Eyelid surgery? Brow lift? Fat transfer to year troughs?? I am only 23 but I always look tired and older than I am unless I raise my eyebrows and... READ MORE

What can't I fix my uneven eye/eyelid? (Photos)

I have an uneven eye, I dont know what exactly needs to be done to fix it but I am will to try something. My left eye has always had problems I've had... READ MORE

What procedure(s) can be done to improve the appearance of my eyes/brows? I am 32 yrs old. (photos)

 my eyes have always looked this way. I feel like there is excess fat/skin beneath my brows and that brows are low and masculine-looking.... READ MORE

What surgery would be performed for upper eyelid bilateral ptosis of the right eye? (photo)

I have been told by severel drs on here following a pic I posted- saying I have upper eyelid ptosis of right eye and also that it's bilateral.... My... READ MORE

Procedure needed to fix tired looking eye area? (Photo)

I have no idea what procedure I'd need to fix my tired looking/ saggy eye area. I also may need restalyne injection in the under eye area. I'm only... READ MORE

Is a lower eyelid blepharoplasty right for me? (Photos)

I am terrified to get this procedure but I am only 27 and I look MUCH older because of my bags. I am wondering if I am too young for this procedure,... READ MORE

Just diagnosed with biofilm infection. What will I look like following tear trough implant removal (silicone)? (photos)

I had under eye fat removal with tear trough implant (silicone) at the end of August. After complications started 1 month post op, ( residual... READ MORE

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