Pre-op + Eyelid Surgery

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Are There Things Than Can Speed Up the Recovery from Eyelid Surgery?

Is there a recommended diet, cream, vitamin and/or medication that could be taken before and after eyelid surgery to make the healing process... READ MORE

I am having second thoughts on the lower eye surgery. Do I need it? (Photos)

I do not have fat deposits just loose skin and hollowness. I am 57. Photos included. Scheduled to have upper and lower eye surgery this Friday... READ MORE

Can I benefit from Blepharoplasty or Canthopexy?

My eyes are droopy and the the whites of my eyes are showing to much under my irises, making me look sad/tired all the time. I would like to raise my... READ MORE

Will insurance cover my upper-eyelid blepharoptosis repair? (photos)

I had mild congenital ptosis in my right eye, which was considerably worsened when I was 8 and fell while ice-skating. Recently I believe my ptosis is... READ MORE

I will soon have an upper bleph with removal of skin only. I'm concerned about the phrase "Your incision will 'wing' out"

The pre-op nurse said I will have the incision at my eye crease but will then have a wing on the outside of my eye to prevent hooding. I am 43 and... READ MORE

Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Toronto for upper blepharoplasty?

Looking for a recommended surgeon in Toronto for upper eyelid surgery. Thanks in advance for your help. READ MORE

Should I lose 20lbs first and then do lower lids? Does it have an impact on the outcome?

Hi. I'm 59 years old and 20 lbs overweight. I am currently scheduled for a lower blephroplasty in 3 weeks. No fat grafting. He may use fillers... READ MORE

What exactly are the eye drops used in ptosis assessment pre-op please? (photos)

I am considering ptosis treatment. On several reviews of ptosis correction surgery, there is mention of doctors using eyedrops as part of the ptosis... READ MORE

Can I fix mild facial asymmetry caused by trying to make it more symmetric during childhood?

My left eye used to look mildly larger at times, barely noticeable. When I was 12, I tried to increase my right eye's size by holding one eyebrow (the... READ MORE

Right Eye Has Ptosis and a Limited Vertical Movement of Pupil. When Do We Get the Ptosis and Squint Surgeries Done? (Photo)

The baby is 1 year old and his vision development in both eyes is normal so far. Our eye surgeon says Ptosis to be done only after he is 3 years old.... READ MORE

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