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Possible to Enlarge Eye and Correct the Position?

Hi. I am an 18 year old boy. I have a small eye. Is there a way to make it larger or looking larger? Also, my eyes are uneven. My left eye is not in... READ MORE

Is Fat Repositioning During Lower Blepharoplasty a Common Procedure?

This is a follow-up to my first question... titled: "Lower blepharoplasty with Negative Vector orbit?" During my consultations, I asked about... READ MORE

Restylane or Transconjuctival Bleph with Fat Repositioning? (photo)

My eyes and dark circles give me a very tired and aged look. I have significant hollowness in my tear trough area, and am wondering which procedure... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Too Tight into Corner Affecting Position of Eyeball Affecting Vision, is This Permanent?

Had eye op lower lid pulled to tight into outside corner upper lid puckered in corner does the position of lower eyelid on the eye affect the vision... READ MORE

I Have a Strange Issue with my Right Eye Ball and Its Vertical Position ?

I have a strange issue with my right eye ball and its vertical position. My eye ball keeps on changing its vertical distance from my lower eyelid... READ MORE

The Angle of my Eyes Are Undesirably Downward Tilted. Is There Anything I Can Do to Fix This? (photo)

I love my eyes and plan to get some work done on my brows to hopefully open up my eyes more naturally. When I have my eyes opened wide, they seem to... READ MORE

Close to 3 months & there isn't much improvement. I had upper and lower blepharoplasty with fat reposition & CO2 laser (Photo)

Almost 3 months and I see extra skin left on my right eye that is wrinkled and the lump that was supposed to be from swealling under my left eye it's... READ MORE

Can I have surgery to create a higher eyelid crease?

(Caucasion) Blepharoplasty removes excess skin, but is there a surgery that also changes the location of the crease (to make it higher up). Using... READ MORE

Will a Blepharoplasty fix my malar bags? I'm just wanting to have the fat and / or muscle re-positioned. (photos)

Hi, I asked a similar question prior, I did not upload photos and doctors seemed to want to see some. I am not looking for a temporary fix (fillers,... READ MORE

Can I change the position of my eyes? (Photo)

This sounds like a long shot to me, but I need to know whether or not I can fix this. For the past 2 years I've really started to notice that the... READ MORE

Can lower blepharoplasty with fat reposition cause lump/bumps after a while?

Can the fat repositioned during a lower blepharoplasty eventually become a hard lump/bump after a while? Say a year down the road... READ MORE

How long does it take for lid position to return to normal after ectropion repair?

I had an ectropion repair on January 28. The repair was done on one eye. This was done to correct ectropion that occurred after skin pinch. . He did a... READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty fat repositioning cost? (Photo)

Lower belpharoplasty fat repositioning How Much Would It Cost For Me To Get Lower belpharoplasty fat repositioning done READ MORE

Eye position is changed. How to correct them? Is it possible? (Photo)

Hii..I m bala. My left eye is looking side eye corner . Plz help me. How to correct them. READ MORE

Who is the best doctor (specific name recommendation) for lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning for a young patient?

I am in my early 30s and would like the name of the most well regarded surgeons for a lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning. READ MORE

My left eye is positioned lower than the right eye. What can be done to fix this? (Photo)

Also, the left eye (seen on the right in the picture below) has a dropping / lazy eyelid. Not sure if its because of the excess fat on top or weak... READ MORE

One eye is higher than the other, why is this and are there surgical solutions? (photos)

Is this due to my eyelids positionings, or is it an anatomical issue (one eye socket higher than the other). I have noticed it in my mums eyes too,... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with the position of my lower eyelid? (photos)

I underwent an endoscopic eyebrow lift and lower blepharoplasty exactly 4 weeks ago. I am worried about my lower eyelid and am convinced that they are... READ MORE

Is it possible to shape the eye or change its position or make In set eyes more outward to make it more attractive? (photos)

My questions revolve around the possibility of having a more attractive eye. How can you make the eye smile. I have tired looking deep set eyes that I... READ MORE

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