Popping + Eyelid Surgery

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Long-term Problems After Eyelid Surgery

Upper blepharoplasty 14 months ago. Not able to move my eyelids till about 5 months after surgery. When I blink or close my eyes, brow and lower... READ MORE

What's wrong with my eyes? (photos)

I have noticed that my pictures always look like my eyes are different than others. First I thought one was more raised then the other, then I thought... READ MORE

What can I do about my eye that looks popped out? (photos)

Both of my eyes originally are a little out but one eye looks more popped out because I ran into a branch and it swung and hit my eye super hard. The... READ MORE

How to make your eyes normal? (Photo)

My eyes are poped ! I was wondering what I could do to get then normal! READ MORE

Charged for wound repair after eyelid surgery?

Had eyelid surgery & was very happy. Went to my one week appointment and got stitches out. That night left lid incision popped open. Went back for... READ MORE

Myasthenia gravis? Eyelid Cancer? Ptosis? Stye? Help! Please! (photos)

Ive noticed a gradual now abrupt change in my left eye (right in pics). The eyelick looks thicker and more pigmentated. Swollen lookin tho it doesnt... READ MORE

What is wrong with my eyes? Can my eyes be pushed back? (Photo)

My eyes looks like they are about to be popped out. My eyes look normal in front, it's just that they're really outwards. I searched on the internet... READ MORE

What kind of eye surgery do I need to get my right eyeball back in place? (photos)

Was in a carwreck awhile back and now my right eyeball looks like it is popping our and veers off to the upper right. READ MORE

Why is my one eye bigger than the other? (Photo)

My left eye is bigger than the other and it's popping out I was born like this and it's annoying me so much and In the same eye I have strabismus... READ MORE

Do chalazions pop or just go away?

Ive had a chalazion for almost a year and its coming to a head my mom said itll pop and she has to take the stuff out with tweezers but i dont know if... READ MORE

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