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Upper Eyelid Surgery - Incision Not in Crease? (photo)

I had upper bleph surgery 72 hours ago by supposedly one of Seattle's "best" surgeons, and the incision on my right eye is not in the crease. I'm a... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Lift-Blepharoplasty Incision Looks High and Not In Crease/Reddish-Ro Tint?

I'm in my low 50's and had an upper eyelid lift 16 days ago. 3 questions: 1) The incision is not in the crease and a little higher up. Shall I expect... READ MORE

Eye Socket/orbit Situation

My eyes are located a bit deeper then usual in my eye-socket/orbit/house of the skelet. Looks like my forehead construction is located more foward or... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty Incision Near the Eyebrow?

Just had a consulation for upper and lower blepharoplasty. The doctor wants to make the upper incision near the eyebrow, rather than in the crease. Is... READ MORE

Are Incisions in Wrinkles in the Forehead Normal in Browlifts? (photo)

I am a 70 yo woman, getting a blepharoplasty and an eyebrow lift. I have a receding, thinning hairline and the surgeon plans to make the incisions in... READ MORE

I Had Upper and Lower Eyelids Done. Is It Normal to Have Incisions out into the Sides of the Eyes?

The incisions extend out that make it looks like I have gigantic crows feet. Two on each side. One from the incision on the top and one from incision... READ MORE


Do some surgeons take fat and muscle from eyelids & move the eyelid crease very high? Is this an antiquated technique from the 1960's &... READ MORE

Bletharplasty Scar Past Eyebrow? Isn't It Supposed to Be in the Crease?

Had upper bleth a week ago, w little bruising. Dr. said I needed very little removal of skin.However, my scar line extends past my eyebrow going up... READ MORE

I Am Three Days Post Op From Upper Eyelid Surgery and my Incisions Comes Down Past the Corners of my Outter Eyelid. Normal?

I am 3 days post op from having upper eyelid concern is my incision come down past the corners of my outer eyelid about an inch Is this... READ MORE

I Did Double Eyelid Stitching and the Crease is Too High at 3+wks. Should I Undo/redo? Recovery Time Diff?

I did suture double eyelid stitching and the crease is too high at 3wks3days. Does not look natural at all..May I know the recovery time difference to... READ MORE

Is Incision Ever Placed Several Mm Below the Lash Line in a Natural Fold Rather Than Immediately Below the Lash Line? (photo)

Upper and Lower Lid Blehpharoplasty. Lower lid using transconjunctival approach for limited fat removal/repositioning and lower lid skin excision... READ MORE

Bleph Crease Looks Much Higher Than What I Expected, Is it Normal?

Today is my 2nd day of suture Bleph, and the crease looks much higher than what I'm expecting, could doctors please advise whether that is normal.... READ MORE

Does Zygomaticus Come Under Orbicularis Oris or Come Right Next to It?

I am sorry, this question is a little off the topic. But i really want to understand if the zygomaticus comes under orbicularis oris. In some photo of... READ MORE

I had lower bleph surgery 8 days ago and my concern is the placement of the incisions.

The incisions were placed below my eyelashes and I asked doctor why they weren't higher and he told me sometimes lash follicles can be damaged and... READ MORE

Upper Bleph Suture Placement Concerns. Any suggestions? (photos)

Sutures line on both eyes extends well outside the upper lid area. R side drops below the eye itself and turns upward with a sharp angle (not curved).... READ MORE

Is this really the expected result? (photos)

I have done upper and lower eyelid surgery. I think my scar is misplaced and does not follow any of my natural lines. My doctor is happy about the... READ MORE

Had lower bleph surgery 2 weeks ago and was worried about placement of incisions. Any suggestions?

Incisions have widened at outer corners of each eye, and area past the eye, about 3/4" on left and 1/2" on right. Worried how they will look when... READ MORE

Placement of lower bleph surgery is lower than eyelashes

Had lower bleph, incisions were not place under my eyelashes, rather below the length of my eyelashes. I think was a major mistake because can't cover... READ MORE

Would Upper Eyelid Surgery Help the Lid Sit Better? (Photo)

I am 33 years old. Have had lateral wall reduction 2 years ago (reduced bulge by 1mm). I am getting married in May, and was hoping that have upper lid... READ MORE

How does Upper Bleph suture placement/style affect ultimate outcome to balance asymmetry? (photos)

Eyes asymmetrical prior to UB. R eye worse. Suture line for R eye dips below the lower lid causing outer corner to taper/pull downward. L eye suture... READ MORE

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