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Can I Get Rid of my Deep Tear Troughs Permanently? (photo)

I have deep tear troughs under my eyes, i can wake up morning having had a good sleep and still they are there, they are not dark as such but never... READ MORE

If I wear eyelid tape 22 hours a day for three months, will it make a new permanent crease in my eyelid?

I already have double eyelids, but my eyelids are uneven. It is hard to see that I have a double eyelid on my right eye. Also, will doing this stretch... READ MORE

Implants or Blepharoplasty for Tear Troughs? (photo)

29/F looking for a permanent solution for my under eyes. I have an indentation & thin skin making the area appear dark. I had a consultation with... READ MORE

Eyelids Feel Bumpy and Tight After Surgery, Will This Change Or Is It Possibly Permanent?

I had eyelid surgery on both my upper and lower lids and co 2 laser under my eyes 14 days a go. I am 48 years old.The upper lid above the incision is... READ MORE

Lower Lid Drooping After Lower Lid Blepharoplasty, If This Doesn't Resolve Itself, What Are My Options?

I am 40-years-old and 10 days post op from a lower lid bleph that included a transjunctive approach and skin pinch incision below the lid.The lower... READ MORE

Post Eyelid Surgery: Had Stitches Removed Twice and Some Still Remain

Should I go back again if I still see some stitches. I'm concerned that I'll have permanent scaring if the stitches are not removed properly.... READ MORE

Should my Scars from an Upper Eyelift Look Like Stretch Marks? Is This Permanent?

Six months ago I had upper eyelift. It looks as if I am going to have permenant scarring on the outter corners of both eyes, the marks look like large... READ MORE

Allergy Causing A Droopy Eyelid- Is This Permanent? Can I Fix It? (photo)

I’ve had a droopy eye for a year or so and its never really caused me concern or hassle. Normally I don’t even notice it and hardly anyone... READ MORE

Medial Epicanthoplasty Scar Is Still White and Raised 3 Months Post Op- Is This Normal? (photo)

I did medial epicanthoplasty on 6 oct 2011, it's nearly 3 months now, the scar has turned white, but it is still very obvious and hypertropic... READ MORE

One Eyelid Still Droopy After Surgery

I'm one month post op. at two weeks post op one eye felt and looks sleepy/tired. my surgeon said its because that eye muscle is weaker. do i have to... READ MORE

How can you tell if an undercorrection of the eye is permanent after ptosis repair surgery?

I had ptosis repair surgery about a week ago and had my stiches removed recently. Before having the stich removed, the lid on the eye with eye surgery... READ MORE

How to Fix Severely Creased Lower Eyelids Due to Allergy to Fillers?

I had an extreme allergic reaction to a filler injected into my cheeks. (My practitioner didn't tell me he was using a counterfeit product). I ended... READ MORE

I Had Lower Eyelid Skin Removed and a Face Lift. My Lower Lid is Drooping, What Can I Do? Is It Permanent? (photo)

On 11-29-11 I had lower bleph with skin removed and fat pockets removed. I also had a face lift. My right lower eyelid is now drooping and has a... READ MORE

Permanent Solution for Uneven Eyelids? (photo)

I started noticing this in high school, but it has gotten very noticeable in the last few years. I went to a eyelid surgery specialist and he... READ MORE

My Eyes Hurt After Lower Bleph and Have Headaches. Will This Go Away?

My eyes and area around them ache also. i've had to take some left over pain meds to help. i'm just about 7 wks post op from lower bleph. my... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Changed to Single Eyelid While I Slept. Permanent?

I slept for a long time 2 days ago and woke up with a single eyelid which was a double eyelids. It has been two days and my eyelid hasn't returned... READ MORE

Is this a permanent scar after lateral canthoplasty? (Photo)

I did lateral canthoplasty around 8 weeks ago in korea and i realised this bump starts to develop. I emailed my surgeon as i am back in my own country... READ MORE

Do I have Ptosis? Lazy eye? (photos)

I never had a lazy eye. This only occurred with the past 18 months. My eye doctor couldn't find anything wrong with my eye so she said it became... READ MORE

Does plexr cause a permanent scarring?! (photo)

I did plexr 3.5 months ago,,my eyelids are still pinkish and turn to red whenever i apply a moisturizer and when take shower!! The skin texture is... READ MORE

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