Palate + Eyelid Surgery

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What are the risk for steroid injection for post surgery scar tissue? (photos)

My plastic surgeon put in a hard palate graft in my lower lid in an attempt to fix my droopy lid (which was caused by a previous surgery) about 7... READ MORE

Hard palate graft in lower lid on Nov. 6th. Lower lid still droops. How long should I give it until I "give up"? (photo)

I know healing takes time but I've had a lot of surgeries related to fixing this droopy lower lid (it droops when I open my mouth or look up) and the... READ MORE

Risks of tanning after any of following procedures: lower bleph, CO2 laser eyelids, canthoplasty, hard palate mucosal graft?

What are the risks of tanning the face and eye area after each case Lower bleph Co2 laser to LE Canthoplasty Hard plate mucosal graft I am looking... READ MORE

Healing after hard palate graft surgery. Any suggestions?

My surgeon (certified oculoplastic surgeon) suggested to do a hard palate graft surgery, because i suffer from earlier bleph. My lower eyelids are... READ MORE

Do I need a hard palate graft? (Photos)

I had a consultation with reconstructive oculoplastic surgeon. He exterminated my lower eyelids very carefully. He proposed me the next option.... READ MORE

Canthoplasty 3 years post-op: left with dimple.

I had canthoplasty 3 years ago and it was successful, however, I was left with a dimple on my cheek near my nose where ther is a stitch that never... READ MORE

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