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Will I Have Visible Scars from Eyelid Surgery?

Scarring from blepharoplasty information is appreciated READ MORE

Have weird indents under eye when smiling. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I am a 27 yrs old and I have this weird indent on one of my eyes when smiling. I had botox done before and did not like the outcome. My right... READ MORE

Generally speaking how long will it take for circulation to become as good as a non smoker, if that is even possible at all?

By the time I undergo both upper and lower lid blephoroplasty I will have had 8 weeks without smoking. I am fully aware that I have compromised both... READ MORE

I had upper eyelid surgery August 2015 with a terrible outcome. Can this be corrected? (photos)

I had corrective surgery by another reputable surgeon in October but unfortunately the result was not as expected. My surgeon suggests another surgery... READ MORE

Opinions post upper bleph. Feel left eye not enough has come off and right eye incision line wonky on outside of eye? (Photos)

Hello I'm post upper blep 14 days and nervous about potential outcome. My right eye was worse than my left beforehand but my ps said that both eyes... READ MORE

Should I lose 20lbs first and then do lower lids? Does it have an impact on the outcome?

Hi. I'm 59 years old and 20 lbs overweight. I am currently scheduled for a lower blephroplasty in 3 weeks. No fat grafting. He may use fillers... READ MORE

Follow-up question: Canthopexy - rounding of the eye and outcomes to avoid.

This is a follow up to my previous question, the doctor who suggested canthopexy does transcutaneous lower bleph and canthopexy at same time - which... READ MORE

I have residual swelling to the lateral lower eyelids bilaterally after lower blepharoplasty 11 weeks ago.

My Dr. says it is residual swelling of the fat pad and injected my lower eyelids with cortisone at 9 weeks. There was maybe some decrease in swelling... READ MORE

How much would it be to straighten out my eyes? (photo)

One of my bottom eyelids droops lower than the other. What would the cost be around for the procedure. And would the outcome be symmetrical eyes? READ MORE

1st and 2nd Double Eyelid Surgery: Bad outcome - fixable? (photos)

I got eyelid surgery back in 12/ 15 and about 4-5 months later, my results look like this. (first two images) I went back in 8/16 to get it fixed. I... READ MORE

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