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2 Wks Post-op (Upper Blephoraplasty) - Eyelids Very Itchy and Doesn't Close Completely?

1) Any suggestions on what I can do to manage the itch? I found myself rubbing/scratching my eyelids when I sleep. I use Natural Tears drop as needed... READ MORE

Possible to Push Eyeball Back During a Blepharoplasty?

I had upper/lower bleph surgery done in Jan 2011. I have never had assymetry or one eye more prolific than the other. During my surgery I had some... READ MORE

My Eye Wont Shut Completely After Surgery?

One of my eyes does not shut well after my LSL Blepharoplasty 3 weeks post op and is the only place that is still bruised- will this eventually relax?... READ MORE

One Eye Won't Close 19 Days Post Op Upper Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I had an upper bleph 19 days ago, and one eye is healing quite well. The other eye has not closed since the day of surgery. There is approximately... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Scar Opened a Week Later

I had eyelid surgery a week ago and stitches removed the morning part of the scar had opened. i couldn't go to the same plastic surgeon,... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Surgery 3 Months Ago. One Eye is Wide Open and the Other is Sagging? (photo)

I had eyelid / muscle surgery for sagging/drooping eyelids almost three months ago. Now, I regret it so much. One eye is wide open and the other is... READ MORE

Is it normal to have 2 completely different eyelids? (photos)

One of my eyelids folds completely in when my eyes are open and the other one leaves space. This makes it hard to do things such as apply makeup... READ MORE

Upper Bleph - 2 Weeks Can't Close Eyes and Asymmetry? (photo)

2 wks after upper bleph I unable to close eyes and there is asymmetry in the closure. The scars in my eyes are asymmetrical and were a concern after... READ MORE

Unable to Close Eyes 6 Years After Bleph - Help Please? (photo)

Had Trans Quad Bleph - I was 30. didn't research. Saw a dr for small bags (which I now know could've been sorted with filler). He said that I needed... READ MORE

Chemosis in both eyes after upper & lower blepharoplasty on Oct 23. Having hard time keeping eyes open. Any suggestions? (photo)

Sore ans swelled. Tried to get in to see ps who preformed the surgery. Although I had a lot done am really concerned about my eyes. Nurse took... READ MORE

5 days post op, my eyes still swollen and can't open my eyes normally. Is the crease too deep and high? (photos)

I had upper eyelid surgery 5 days ago. Until today, my eyes still swollen and can't open normally. It's feel tight and heavy. Is it normal? or do you... READ MORE

My Dr told me that I have NO MUSCLES in my eyelid & I have congenital ptosis. Is there any surgery that can open them up?(photo)

I recently got a frontalis sling. I thought that would help open my eyes, but it didn't. I can only open them when I raise my eyebrows. But my doctor... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Problem?

I had two eyelid surgeries but both failed(both eyelids are not symmetrical),doctor removed too much skin from eyelid during my second eyelid surgery... READ MORE

There is a Small Section of the Upper Lid That Isn't Completely Closed. Should I Worry?

It has been one week since my surgery and two days since the stitches were removed. On one upper lid, there is a small section that hasn't closed.... READ MORE

Deep set eyes. Should I get an upper eyelid surgery, or temporal brow lift? (photo)

I have deep set eyes, and have had a fatty/thick upper eyelid all of my life. Not sure if an upper eyelid surgery alone is the right option. Will it... READ MORE

One of my eyes doesn't open all the way. Any suggestions? (photos)

I know this sounds strange but I had a really bad case of conjunctivitis about 7 years ago. Ever since then in photos one of my eyes doesn't naturally... READ MORE

One of my eyes look more open than the other. What causes this? (photos)

I have gotten testing for my thyroid and that has been ruled out. The eye doctor I saw told me it was just my eyebrow lower than the other but I don't... READ MORE

8 weeks post op Upper eyelid blepharoplasty, I still have tired eyes. Any suggestions?

I have upper eyelid recontructive surgery 8 week ago I'm not happy at all I use to have tired sleeping eyes. Now after the surgery one looks more open... READ MORE

Incision opened partially on upper eyelid blepharoplasty after suture removal. Will this leave a permanent scar? (Photo)

On day 6 after blepharplasty surgery the sutures were removed. That evening I noticed that the incision on my left upper eyelid had come apart about a... READ MORE

13 days post op of Eyelid surgery, I still heavy and tight. Is the crease too high and deep? (photos)

Hi, it's been 13 days since my eyelid surgery. My eyelid still feel heavy and tight. And my eyes can't open as big as before. I'm super worry about... READ MORE

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