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Lower Eyelid Trouble After ZMC Fracture Repair, Will It Fix Itself? (photo)

At 4 weeks after surgery my lower eyelid position has not changed much. When comparing left and right, the right one feels firm and only slightly... READ MORE


Im 27 male and had a lower bleph. 4 years ago. I had scleral show after this, 2-3 mm on the left and 1-2 mm on the right eye. I had canthopexy 2 weeks... READ MORE

Ptosis Correction 6 Days Ago, Eyes Look Same as Before?

I had ptosis on my right eye corrected 6 days ago, i was supposed to fly back to my surgeon at 7 days, my son is sick with the flu his childcare... READ MORE

Ptosis Surgery Possibly Failed?

Hi there doctors. I had congeital ptosis surgery 5 weeks ago, and NOTHING has changed in the effected eye. I've got multiple creases still and just so... READ MORE

No Change in Eyelids After Blepharoplasty?

3 weeks ago I had upper blepharoplasty to remove skin and fat as I would like a LESS full look that I once had. 2 weeks post op my eyes started to... READ MORE

Why are bags and dark circles still there after lower lid transconjunctival bleph?

I've had puffy bags under my eyes and dark circles for as long as I can remember. I had a lower lid transconjunctival bleph with conservative fat... READ MORE

8 months post revision upper/lower eyelid surgery. Scleral show still a problem. What options do I have to fix it? (Photo)

I had revision canthoplasty, on my lower lids on the 14.2.14. to correct scleral show . 8 months of 'healing time', 3 sessions of skin needling, and 3... READ MORE

Can Mullers muscle resection be revised?

I had a mullers muscle resection op on my right eye to try and correct relatively mild ptosis in my right eye. The procedure in all honesty appears to... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question - Lower blepharoplasty did not help or seem to make a difference. What else can I do? (photos)

I had a lower blepharoplasty done about four months ago to remove puffiness an extra skin. It did remove a very small amount of puffiness however did... READ MORE

Surgery for festoons? (Photos)

I had upper and lower Bleph 9months ago but cannot really see a difference. Do I have malar festoons? I hate them and wonder if surger is possible. READ MORE

3 months post upper and lower bleph and cauterization of malar festoons. Is this normal? (photos)

I had upper and lower Bleph with cauterization of my mallar festoons 3 months ago. At five weeks Co2 laser which seemed to make things look worse. At... READ MORE

Upper blepharoplasty looks no different than before. (Photo)

I just had upper eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how long it took before you seen your final results? I have read a few months but I feel... READ MORE

1 Month post-op eyelift surgery: Little-to-no reduction in texture and size -- Is this normal and can it be fixed? (Photo)

Can you advise if this is normal? There has been little to no reduction in texture and size since the surgery date. There were dissolvable stitches... READ MORE

Uneven lids after double eyelid surgery. 12 days post op. (Photos)

I know this is early to say anything about the results but I Am still very worried that my left eyelid looks so much different to the other. I don't... READ MORE

3 months post upper Blepharoplasty - It feels like nothing has changed. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had upper surgery this past January, and more work was done on my right eye, which I had ptosis on. 3 months post op, I feel like not much, and even... READ MORE

One eye is bigger than the other after surgery; what should I do? (Photo)

My one eye is small than onother eye i do surgery too but not improved as i wish so any exercise too improve it please help me READ MORE

Follow-up: Upper Blepharoplasty results, should I look into another doctor after 6 months? (photo)

I recently posted on here concerned with my eyes but cannot reply. Well today I went to my DR. for my final follow up and he said my eyes show great... READ MORE

Surgery 2 weeks ago in left eye. Do I need another surgery or will they become even? (Photos)

Got surgery 2 weeks ago to fix congenital lid ptosis in the left eye and he did the right as well to make it even. It looks exactly the same as pre... READ MORE

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