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I Have Excess Skin Covering my Upper Eyelids, I Was Wondering is There an Eye Exercise to Make my Beautiful Eyelids Show?

Excess skin above eyelids, and I was wondering if there is a natural eyelift exercise instead of surgery, to get rid of the hooded area. READ MORE

How Long Before Blepharoplasty Final Results Are Seen?

A friend of mine told me that I would have to allow 6 months for the full benefits of the upper eyelid Blepharoplasty I am considering. Is it... READ MORE

How to Get Almond Eyes Naturally?

Weird question I know. first Im to young for botox or any eye surgery. So I was wondering if there was an all natural way to do what I desire. I have... READ MORE

Natural Causes for Scleral Show

Can a scleral show be caused by some natural consequences? Like weight loss or something like that? I mean, except trauma or eyelids surgery, its only... READ MORE

How to make my natural double eyelids bigger and more noticeable without surgery? (photos)

I have natural double eyelids but they are kinda covered by a layer of fat on top of my eyes and I was wondering if there is a natural way to make the... READ MORE

After Blepharoplasty - How Long Before my Eyes Start to Look More Natural?

After my Blepharoplasty my eyes look so wide open and the shape of my eyes have changed it seems. How long before my eyes get to look more natural?... READ MORE

Can I widen outer corners of my eye to make eyes wider?

For example, when I push up my eye brow and widen the outer corners of my eye, is it possible that I could get that affect permanently? My eyebrows... READ MORE

I'm 28 and would love upper eyelid surgery and improved chin/jawline. Can I have professional opinions? (Photos)

I would LOVE to get surgery to improve my looks with natural results. I inherited VERY full upper eyelids w/excess skin. Also, my jawline/chin I'm... READ MORE

I'm a musician and recently single so my appearance is important. What can you recommend that will give me a natural face? Photo

Hi, I'm a 56 yr old male, I've been exposed to elements over years with surf and sun , I seem to have sagging at top eyelids, and around jawline. READ MORE

Is this really the expected result? (photos)

I have done upper and lower eyelid surgery. I think my scar is misplaced and does not follow any of my natural lines. My doctor is happy about the... READ MORE

How can I get my natural crease back, after I've constantly used double eyelid tape ? (tape was self cut, not constant or exact)

I started using double eyelid around 5 months ago , 24/7, for several days(refer to my previous post),trying to create a slightly larger tapered... READ MORE

What should I do about my uneven eyelids? (photos)

I'm only 24 but my eyelids seem to be getting more and more different in size. Is there a natural way to even them out or is surgery needed? READ MORE

Why are my eyes droopy and have bags?

Hello doctors , so I have big eyes and they have a lot of meat under them which kinda looks like bags when I squinch my eyes. They are also saggy... READ MORE

I have asian eyes for which I am made fun of all the time. Can you suggest some natural methods?

The first photo is of my eyes ..the area which i have marked is what i dont the second photo, the area which i have marked is what i want at... READ MORE

Left lateral cantonal web repair and new blepharoplasty or forehead lift? (Photos)

I am not sure if I should have another blepharoplasty or if I should have a forehead lift. My brows sit high naturally and I'm wondering if it would... READ MORE

Hooded area and one scar higher after upper blepharoplasty. (photo)

The scaring in my right eye seems to be higher than the natural line & it worries me that this will look obvious, I have also been left with a... READ MORE

Left eye look smaller than right? (photos)

Hi Doctors, I have taken a few pics of mine and I am noticing that one of my eyes is larger than the other.. Though in normal day to day life, I hadnt... READ MORE

Large bulgy/protruding eyes since birth. What are my options to make them look more natural? (photos)

I have inherited large bulgy eyes from my father. I'm wondering if there is a surgical procedure to fix these eyes. Also is it also possible that this... READ MORE

Can Sunken Eyes Due to Stress Come Up Again Through Natural Means?

Can eyes sunkin(gone in ) due to stress come up again through natural means if i dont take stress anymore READ MORE

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