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What can be done to lift outer corners of eyes?

My eyes or more narrow in the inner corner and wider at the outer corners and I'm wanting to know of a way that can lift the outer corners and... READ MORE

how can I change my eye shape? (photos)

How can I make my eyes look more like the girl's on the picture? more narrow and pointed and smaller as they're too big and wide open. mostly I dont... READ MORE

How Do I Lower the Corner of my Eye After a Bad Blepharoplasty Experience?

After Bad Blephoroplasty when I Laugh, Inner Corner Narrows, Outer Corner "Flies" Up, Strange Expression. To weigh down eye- lower brow+... READ MORE

How to make my eyes more narrow/smaller? (photos)

What procedure/surgery should I get to narrow my eyes?I dont like how large they are, is there a way to make eyes smaller? Specifically I dont like... READ MORE

Can I make my eyes more almond shaped or narrow by plastic surgery? (photos)

I strongly dislike the shape of my eyes, I find them a litte almond shaped but round. I want to get rid of the roundness and also undereyes puffines... READ MORE

Tightness in Eyelids Following Revision, What's The Cause?

Hi, I had recent eyelid revision to lower my crease height (9mm incision to 5mm incision without any skin excision (new technique where the surgeon... READ MORE

What can be done about close set eyes?

I've been depressed about my narrow set eyes for a long time and there doesn't seem to be any surgery for it. I want to become a model but I'm not... READ MORE

Can an enduragen graft be used alone to narrow eyes on the outer corners?

If one has droopy eyes, rounded on the outer corners, can enduragen be placed under the lower eyelid without further eye surgery to create almond,... READ MORE

What the Best Treatments for my Eyes ?

"I Have Sunken , Small and Narrow Eyes Also my Eyelid Bone is Slung Down over my Eyes ? What Can I Do? .. I Can't Accept my Eyes .. I am 18 and i feel... READ MORE

I have downturned eyes and I would like natural, upturned and narrower eyes?

I'm 18 (I know that's young to be thinking if cosmetic surgery but they make me look tired a sad all of the time) and I would like to make my eyes... READ MORE

Is there a way to correct narrow eyes?

My narrow set eyes have been bothering me for the longest time and it's getting me really down after doing research and finding that there's not much... READ MORE

Can my Eyes Get Smaller? Without Raising the External Canthus? (photo)

I just had an appointment with a surgeon. I asked him what can I do to have smaller eyes, to have " the narrowing eyes effect" like jessica lowndes (I... READ MORE

I have narrow and uneven eyes, what would I need done to achieve the eyes in the photo below? (photo)

I want my eyes to look like the image on the right. As you can see my eyes are more narrow, the hood is shaped better, my bottom eyelid is straighter,... READ MORE

How can I make my eyes a little more narrow/almond shaped?

Is it possible to make my eyes narrow and lift the corners up a little bit? I always like my eyes better when I kind of "stretch" my eyebrows upwards... READ MORE

Is there any non-surgical option to make my eyes look bigger/less droopy?

Hi, I am a Caucasian female in my mid 20s. I have quite narrow eyes, people often ask if I am part asain. They are very droopy and I have to... READ MORE

Follow up - Downturned eyes surgery - risks, effectiveness, cost? (Photo)

Looking up surgery for downturned eyes isn't easy. The search results are mostly about eyelid correction/ptosis. I'm confident I've none of those... READ MORE

Surgery to make the distance between my eye and edge of my face narrower? (photos)

I have a roundish face shape that I feel is too wide. I think the distance between the outside edge of my eyes and the edge of my face exaggerates the... READ MORE

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