Movement + Eyelid Surgery

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Lower Bleph with Incision - Can This Cause Eyeball to Move?

I had lower eye bleph with an incision about eight weeks ago. My PS told me me that after removing minimal fat, he cut skin and muscle than redrapped... READ MORE

Long-term Problems After Eyelid Surgery

Upper blepharoplasty 14 months ago. Not able to move my eyelids till about 5 months after surgery. When I blink or close my eyes, brow and lower... READ MORE

Why Does my Brow Not Move After Having Eyelid Surgery?

Had eye lid surgery 3 weeks ago. One of my eye lids are still swollen and noticed today when looking in the mirror and moving my brows up the lid... READ MORE

19 yrs old with Lazy Eye & Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking Syndrome. What would be the right procedure to fix my problem?

I was born with a almost closed eye (left eye). When i was about 7Yrs old i had surgery to repare that not entirely sure what the procedure was but if... READ MORE

Why should bending be avoided in the first week of upper blepharoplasty?

Why should bending be avoided when your recovering from upper blepharoplasty? READ MORE

I'm 58 yrs old. 1 week post op blepharoplasty & cheek lift, I have a minor chemosis and movements. Any suggestion? (photo)

1 week post op blepharoplasty & cheek lift to get rid of droopy eyelids and under-eye bags. I have a minor chemosis in my left eye only. Over the... READ MORE

Eyebrows move every time I blink after double eyelid surgery. Is this normal?

2 months post. My eyes cannot close fully either (3-4mm scleral show). My upper lids have become so short that when I forcibly blink (if I naturally... READ MORE

Can an eyelid position fluctuate from up to down to back up again?

I had ptosis surgery January 10. At my two week appt everything looked great, lids almost dead on. And my 1 month appt the eyelid dropped. Is there a... READ MORE

Hello I had a upper Bleph two weeks ago. I had a lot of bruising but my concern is the movement of one eye.

My concern is one eye seems lazy and hard to look up. Feels funny and looks slightly odd with certain movements does not follow the same as the other... READ MORE

Why does my eye muscle area at out edge of my eye, in crow feet area, jump or move when I speak?

I had a face cheek lift and a lower blepharoplasty 4 months ago. I recently noticed that when I am talking the muscle where the scar tissue is jumps.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Eyelid ptosis surgery, is it normal for the eyelid not moving down? (photos)

3 weeks ago I had an eyelid ptosis surgery and my forehead muscle now substitutes for the levator muscle. Blinking is fine although a bit harder. My... READ MORE

Which procedure would be best to correct eyelid movement, eyelid crease, and droopy eyelid? (Photo)

I need a recommendation on what kind of procedure i should presue. As you can see from my photos i have two or three problems, the first one is not... READ MORE

Eyelids feel very slight pricks every time I move my eyes up and around widely after Double eyelid surgery. Is this normal?

They feel like tiny, stiff, "metallic" pricks. like sutures irritating and poking from beneath my skin.. I'm 2 months post but the redness on my upper... READ MORE

Discomfort, Cant Close Dry Eyes After Eyebrow, Upper Eyelid Lift? (photo)

I got a rhinoplasty, deviated sept. , face countour (with macrolane), eyebrow/upper eyelid lift done at the same time. (16 days ago) I'm a little... READ MORE

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