Milia + Eyelid Surgery

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Syringoma or Milia?

I have white bumps under my eyes and after a long research I have found out that it could either Milia or Syringoma. The problem is I have no idea... READ MORE

It's Been Two Months and I Still Have Large Milia After Eye Lift- Normal? (photo)

Two months after eye lift and I still have several large milia and the incision line is very red. READ MORE

Milia After Blepharoplasty?

What causes milia post-bleph and is there anything you can do to discourage them? Would some kind of exfoliation or massaging help keep more from... READ MORE

How Do I Know for Sure my Upper-eyelid Surgery Was Done Correctly?

Hi- I had surgery 4 weeks ago,and my scars are still red,and I have milia( my surgeon said to just wait and it will go away). He told me that we could... READ MORE

Is this Xanthelasma or Milia or something else entirely? (photos)

Hello, I am a 41 year old male and for the past few years I have had this little "lump" on the top of my left eyelid. It is kinda hard, but it does... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get rid of one small milia?

I only have one milia, however I don't feel comfortable removing this milia on my own because it's right below eye (about a centimeter below). The... READ MORE

I'm a Bit Confused Whats Under my Eyes, is It a Milia or Syringoma?

How can it be removed? or be prevented? thank you. i've attached my photo in this post. READ MORE

What is this problem under my eyes? Is it Milia? Microcysts? (photo)

I'm 23. I have these tiny bumps under my eyes that stand out and it even seems to darken the skin as well. Some bumps stand out and look worse. The... READ MORE

What is this white bump on my incision? (Photo)

I just had incisional double eyelid surgery three weeks ago and have been using silicone gel at night for the past one week. I recently noticed a... READ MORE

What can be done about milia on eyelid?

My eye is literally covered with them, the right one has some under the eye/ cheek area too. The NHS said they cannot do anything however, it's... READ MORE

Is this milia or Syringoma? What should I do about it? (photo)

I have little bumps under my eyes and dark creases. I always look tired and sick. What do you suggest me to get done for the dark indents and bumps? READ MORE

Syringoma or Milia? (photo)

I have been looking stuff up online and i think it could be syringoma or milia . Could someone help me out please. Im 18 and it has been there for a... READ MORE

I had my milia under and near my eyes removed by a doctor. I still have light brown scars after 3 and half weeks! What to do?

I had my milia under and near my eyes removed by a dermatologist. (I'm not sure if it was keratosis or milia, but i believe it was lancet that the dr.... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for eyelid surgery? Also, how can I clear my face from milia?

Will I get a good result from eyelid surgery? I really want my skin to be clear but it never was I had it since I was a baby. I tried everything... READ MORE

How could I remove this milia right on my eyelid? (Photo)

Would it be dangerous to get rid of it by a needle by a dermatologist, and how much would it cost? READ MORE

Unknown whitish lesion on incision line following lower bleph, see photo with lesion circled. (photo)

Three months ago I had a lower eyelid bleph. Following the surgery I noticed a white bump on the suture line of my left eye. I pointed this out to my... READ MORE

Upper Bleph Scar Revision Recommended? (Photos)

I had an upper bleph done 08/2015. I am not satisfied with the scars, or the slack in the inner corners. My left eye has a white, slightly raised scar... READ MORE

I was wondering if I have milia. I have tiny whiteheads around my eyes, I've squeezed them & they've gone but come back (Photo)

In the picture attached I am wondering if I have milia, if I do, would you be able to recommend the best treatment that will leave minimal scarring? READ MORE

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