Migraine + Eyelid Surgery

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Horrible Headache After Having Upper Eye Lift, Facelift and Necklift 2 Weeks Ago, Normal?

I am happy with the result but I have a killer headache. It almost feels like congestion across my forehead. Is this normal? READ MORE

My Right Eye Has the Dreaded Btx Droopy Eyelid. I Would Like to Do Anything That Might Help, Exercises, Drops? (photo)

I've had botox injections for YEARS. My GP told me I could get a refund from my ins co because of my migraines. Now my right eye droops. I've read... READ MORE

Will Eyelid Surgery Treat My Migraines? (photo)

According to a recent study out of LSU that claimed that eyelid surgery might be a treatment for migraines. The results sound encouraging ("After a... READ MORE

I'm 21. Why has one eyebrow and eye has dropped lower on my right side? Is it fixable? (Photo)

I suffer from migraines, and my eyes are always flickering (both eyes) mainly the left, bottom eyelid but it happens with both my eyes and not always... READ MORE

Is this because of a lazy eye, or is it just asymmetry? (photos)

One of my eyes is bigger than the other. Is this because of a lazy eye, or is it just asymmetry? I don't notice any difference in the mirror, only in... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty/endoscopic brow lift - it is malpractice and can I get recovery costs?

(i)the endotine devices are giving me severe migraines everyday (ii)there's oil secreting from skin and a musty foul odor smell that is emitting from... READ MORE

I'm wondering if someone can tell me what's wrong with my eyes/brows? (Photo)

Since they are uneven I'm also curious if it might be causing me migraine headaches frequently. Also what would be the best way to correct this problem? READ MORE

Why are my eyes all weird all of sudden? Ptosis? (photos)

A few days ago, I noticed my L eyelid was looking very droopy. However the same eyebrow is higher? And the lower lid is twitching a bit. I do wear... READ MORE

What can I do for eyelid dropping?

I have to get botox injections due to migraines and hemifacial spasms. The more injections I get the worse my eyelids seem to get... Is there any help... READ MORE

I've noticed recently that my eyes or eyelids are different sizes? (photos)

I hadn't noticed before because I always wear glasses and its mainly visible in photos with my glasses off which are rare. I'm not sure if it makes... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery for migraines - Can it help?

In what case would surgery be recommended for a person suffering from migraines? READ MORE

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