Medication + Eyelid Surgery

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Is It Uncomfortable to Have Upper Eyelid Surgery with Just Local Pain Medication?

I will be taking one hydrocodone/apap 7.5/500mg tablet and one diazepam 10 mg 1/2 hour prior to the surgery and given a local numbing injection. Do... READ MORE

Valium, Demerol and Xanax: Too Much Medication for Blepharoplasty Surgery?

In consideration of Blepharoplasty surgery, my doctor suggests using a cocktail of Valium, Demerol and Xanax for the in office procedure, along with... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty and Coumadin

I Am a 45 Year Old Woman on Coumadin, is It Possible/safe to Have Blepharoplasty? READ MORE

Plavix and asprin before upper eyelid lift?

How long should I be off Plavix and asprin before my eyelid lift? READ MORE

Isotretinion (20mg) - Can I Still Have Eye Surgery?

I finished my first course of Isotretinoin (20mg per day for 8 weeks) in January. My dermatoligst has prescribed me another course, but I have eye... READ MORE

Will Medications Affect Blepharoplasty Healing?

I am 26 and had upper blepharoplasty plus brow lift 3 months ago, i was recently diagnosed with nerve damage which can numb my face from time to time.... READ MORE

Problem: Eye Protrusion. Is It Possible to Treat Bulging Eyes (Eye Protrusion) with Medication?

Hi! Is it possible to treat bulging eyes (eye protrusion) with medication? I thought firstly of prostaglandines: latanoprost or bimatoprost. I have... READ MORE

Can I have upper and lower eyelid surgery if I am on Lisinopril and carvedilol?

I had a stent put in 1 year ago but am off the plavix. Now on the aspirin , lisinopril and carvedilol. Can I have upper and lower eyelid surgery? READ MORE

I'm 58 yrs old. 1 week post op blepharoplasty & cheek lift, I have a minor chemosis and movements. Any suggestion? (photo)

1 week post op blepharoplasty & cheek lift to get rid of droopy eyelids and under-eye bags. I have a minor chemosis in my left eye only. Over the... READ MORE

How long to be off aspirin and Plavix before eyelid surgery?

I recently asked this question, got good responses from MD's on Real Self. The reason for me having an eyelid lift is it is greatly impairing my... READ MORE

Left lower lid has nodule in outer corner, and bruising below lash line. Not responding to medications. Need advice. (photos)

I had upper and lower lid surgery on May 13th. My left lower lid did not heal well. OS gave me an injection last week which lessened the nodule,... READ MORE

Chalazion removal after surgery but still swelling. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had a chalazion for about 2 months then about a week ago i had a removal through surgery....a week has passed but the swelling still persists what... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lower blepharoplasty?

I'm 19 and have had under eye bags since I was really young. Allergy medication, eye serums, higher water intake, and more sleep have not helped. They... READ MORE

Allergies and upper bleph surgery?

Due have upper and lower bleph next month. Had problems with sinuses/allergies and intermittent fluid in right ear for past year. Right nostril... READ MORE

What can I do about my sunken eyes? I have tried allergy meds, I have tried various expensive creams and eye rollers. (photos)

I have had several eye muscle surgeries on the right eye, my dad also had sunken in eyes and dark circles and I suffer from anemia but even when I get... READ MORE

Fat deposit on eyelid. (photos)

I had a cyst in my eye . After years of medication accumulated fat deposit over my left eyelid READ MORE

Trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty with fat transfer estimated healing?

I want to get lower blepharoplasty and delicate fat transfer so the area doesn't get sunken in. I'd appreciate it if some doctors could tell me how... READ MORE

My Eyes Became Dry and Shrunken from Lunesta I Took a Month Ago. How Can I Reverse This?

I already had dry eye syndrome to begin with. It looks like all the beauty has been sucked out of my eyes. They are more rounded and look shrunken. I... READ MORE

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