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Will I Need Additional Surgeries to Correct my Bad Surgery in Thailand?

On August 27, 2010, I had my upper and lower eyelids operated on while I was on vacation in Thailand. The pictures were taken today, day 47. I am... READ MORE

Is Anchor Blepharoplasty Considered an Effective an Safe Option for Excess Upper Eyelid Fat and Skin?

Hi, I am considering getting surgery in Malaysia, by a surgeon who's results I have seen on a patient who recieved upper and lower blepaharoplasty... READ MORE

Its 10 days after Eyelid surgery, my right eye is sore can I use Savlon ointment? My stitches are still in. (photo)

Iv had upper & lower eye lid surgery abroad and 10 days after my right eye is red sore and a little puss, my nurse advised cool boiled water but I... READ MORE

Can I fly overseas after Eyelid Surgery?

I am planning to fly over to Korea on June 16. I've scheduled to get my Full Incision Upper Blephoraplasty on June 18. While I am there, in 2 1/2... READ MORE

Red lump at outer corner of non-incisional upper bleph crease (Photo)

My eyelids seemed to heal normally until around mid December, 4 months post-op, when I noticed a small bump on my left eyelid that was becoming bigger... READ MORE

Can eyelid skin be grown with stem cells overseas?

I think they are doing this in England and Asia. Thoughts? READ MORE

Eyelid surgery. How would I have a consultation in the US? I live in the UK

In from the UK but if I wanted my eyelid surgery done in the U.S. How would I have a consultation? READ MORE

How can I make my eyes symmetrical, alert, and fresh? Should I pay more to get a Bleph or just do the ptosis correction? (photo)

I've seen a surgeon locally and was told I need minor ptosis surgery on my left eye. I am really unhappy with excess skin on my right eye but he said... READ MORE

Is this swelling on the inside of my left eyelid on suture line which is red and inflamed a reaction to the sutures? (Photos)

Hi, I went to Mexico City from Ireland to do a Blepharoplasty + Complete Face Lift (Temporal face Lift + Neck Lift) + Chin liposuction. It is now over... READ MORE

It is safe to undergo oculoplastic surgery in Russia?

I´m going to Russia for bussiness and want to undergo oculoplastic surgery (lower eyelid lift) once there. Are there reputable o. surgeons to treat ... READ MORE

Does anyone know of a great surgeon here for Blepharoplasty in Phuket, Thailand?

Phuket is a very popular destination for "cosmetic surgery tourism", so I know there are many surgeons here but does anyone have any experience with... READ MORE

Will eyelid surgery effect my eyesight? (Photo)

I just want to know that does the surgery will effect my eyesight as the same eye has the better vision than the other So I am scared about doing the... READ MORE

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