Masculine + Eyelid Surgery

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I Want to Lower my Eyebrow to Achieve a More Masculine Effect Ex. Like in the Squinting Photo? (photo)

I want to lower my eyebrow to achieve a more masculine effect ex. like in the squinting photo Please help! I know it won't look like I'm squinting but... READ MORE

Can the upper eyelids be made more hooded? (Photo)

The examples I posted are a bit too extreme but I just wanted to post extremes. Hooded eyes are a very aesthetic masculine trait. Can eyes with the... READ MORE

Is There a Specific Upper Blepharoplasty Technique for Males to Avoid Feminisation of the Eyes?

In females blepharoplasty procedures always seem to produce favorable results. However, in males I have noticed sometimes the eye becomes rounded and... READ MORE

What can I do to make my eyebrows look more masculine and cheeks and chin more defined?

So I already know I would want a chin implant, just wondering what size. Now I'm just wondering what I should do to try and make my eyebrows look more... READ MORE

Masculine Eye Angle Surgery?

23 male model. A Cosmetic surgeon informed me the central portion of my face is the area that lacks masculinity (v. full lower lip + eye angle) [I... READ MORE

What procedure(s) can be done to improve the appearance of my eyes/brows? I am 32 yrs old. (photos)

 my eyes have always looked this way. I feel like there is excess fat/skin beneath my brows and that brows are low and masculine-looking.... READ MORE

Male with ehler-danlos brow/upper eye congestion - how to avoid feminized appearance?

I have Ehler-danios so my brow and upper eye is elastic and saggy. It obstructs my visual field causing frontalis overaction which makes me look... READ MORE

Would I be eligible for upper blepharoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, I have hooded eyes / fat which I have had them all my life. It makes me look quite masculine and doesn't allow me to wear much makeup. Would a... READ MORE

I want more masculine eyes. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I am really displeased with the shape of my eyes. I always wanted more masculine looking eyes. Is there anything I can do to make this happen? What... READ MORE

Which option would produce best results: eyebrow lift OR hairline lowering plus upper blepharoplasty?

When I don't manually lift my eyebrows, I have a large forehead that is quite masculine (going farther back at the sides) and very low, straight brows... READ MORE

Eyelid/eyebrow surgery either or surgery to lower the eyebrow (closer to the eye) to give more of a masculine look? (Photos)

I am in my 20s, male, was wondering if there is anyway I can lower my eyebrows to achieve a more masculine look? For example, here is a pic of Zac... READ MORE

Can I make my eyes less deep set?

I have deep set eyes and I find it really annoying because it makes me look masculine. Is there a surgery that would make my eyes more protruding? READ MORE

Achieving this look with my upper eyelids?

I would like to achieve a look similiar to the guy in the photos. what type of procedure/s will hide someones upper eyelids so its not showing as... READ MORE

I'd like my eyes to look as ideal & feminine as possible. Are neutral medial canthi and low crease masculine/non-ideal? (Photos)

Same as anybody, I do not want surgery unless it would improve my appearance. Here are my concerns, though I am unsure if they are legitimate: -that a... READ MORE

How possible is a multidimensional makeover of the eye area in my case? (Photos)

What I want to undergo is extreme and a long shot but it really bothers me so I decided to do something about it. Basically what I want is a more... READ MORE

What procedures for my abysmal eyes area? I want them more masculine. (Photo)

I want more masculine, a bit hooded and sharp eyes and less upper eye lid exposure like male models. They are round with a lot of upper eyelid exposure. READ MORE

Could cosmetic surgery make my eyes more attractive and masculine? Would the results look natural? (Photo)

1) could my canthal angle be lifted? 2)can the lower eyelids be lifted to make it more straight? 3)can the upper eyelids be made more hooded? Would... READ MORE

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