Lumpy + Eyelid Surgery

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Upper eyelid surgery post op day 21: My scar is lumpy (Photo)

I've done upper eyelid surgery 3week ago. My scars are lumpy. And I have a cyst?? What is it??? So worry about it. READ MORE

Stretched lower eyelid skin post bad tear trough filler treatment. Bleph or laser resurface to tighten? (photo)

I had tear trough filler Sept 2013. Right side fine but left side very lumpy, bruised and red (spider veins now). Filler on left kept migrating,... READ MORE

Why is there so much controversy on the benefits of an arcus marginalis release (with fat repositioning).

I have consulted several plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons specializing on eyelid surgery and some say it is a very beneficial procedure and... READ MORE

5.5 weeks post op upper & lower lid bleph, there is a lumpy area under the left eye which is hard. Is this normal? (photo)

Area under both eyes is still very swollen and tender to the touch. The left eye looks droopy too. I feel there is a mass under the lump. The skin fm... READ MORE

Lumpy under right eye following 4 months blepharoplasty. What should I do? (Photo)

I had my appointment with my my ocuplastic surgeon, the plastic surgeon that does only eyes, I asked why I have that lump under my eye still, and he's... READ MORE

I had eyelid surgery upper and lower 7 weeks ago. (photo)

I had eyelid surgury upper & lower 7 weeks ago & my lower seems to be ok but i been really slow healing my left eye seem To be drooping is... READ MORE

Ptosis surgery - 3 months post op looks awful. Help please? Self-esteem taking a hit. (photos)

I had ptosis surgery done in july and now its mid october. Ive posted up photos of how it looks. So far my doctors suggestion is to sit still and wait... READ MORE

Lumpy lower left lid after blepharoplasy I had a lower blepharoplasy 4 1/2 months ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have a lumpy lower left lid after blepharoplasy My surgeon who specializes in oculoplastic surgery said during my consult yesterday that it was... READ MORE

I am interested in transconjunctival blepharoplasty with fat reposition? (Photo)

I am interested in transconjunctival blepharoplasty with fat reposition. I have bags and very hollow tear troughs. I scar easily and am worried about... READ MORE

I am post op 12 days lower subcutaneous bleph. My left eye suture removal site has 3 hardened lumpy areas on it?

I was told that there is still a dissolvable stitch underneath that will typically dissolve around week 4/6. The other eye is free of any lumps... READ MORE

Scar tissue lower bleph. Skin pinch. (photos)

My octo plast surgeon did a skin pinch lower bleph 2 years ago. internal scarring one eye, did a revision and laser to treat my wrinkles which looked... READ MORE

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