Loose Skin + Eyelid Surgery

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Loose Skin Under Eyes After Blepharoplasty

I had Blepharoplasty done over a year ago but still have loose skin under my eyes. I have had CO2 laser done to correct this, but it did nothing. A... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Transconjunctival Lower Eyelid Surgery with Skin Pinch?

I saw a plastic surgeon today (will see others as well) and he recommended a fat melting blepharoplasty or transconjunctival. What are the risks of... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Still Drooping 6 Months Post-Op, Are These Most Likely the Final Results? (photo)

I am 6 months post op from lower bleph/subperiosteal mid face lift. both eyes had a stitch put in the medial corner and are healing with a rounded... READ MORE

Dr. Wants to Do a Canthopexy to Fix my Lower Eyelid After He Took Too Much Skin? (photo)

It has been 5 weeks since my lower eyelid surgery to remove loose skin and wrinkles, and my left eye (reversed in picture) still has an ectropion. The... READ MORE

What's the best solution for thick and prominent upper eyelid skin? (Photo)

The region between my upper lash line and crease has very thick/ full eyelid skin. When I pinch it with a tweezer there is a lot of excess. I also... READ MORE

3 Years Ago I Had a Pretty Big Chalazion Surgically Removed but my Eye Lid Never Returned to What It Used to Look Like?

It still has a puffy look to it and the skin looks loose. its not reddened. What could this be? READ MORE

Treatments for Wrinkly Skin After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty?

I've had upper and lower blepharoplasty. I am left with loose wrinkly skin. I have had a peel, microdermabrasion, as well as Botox. What other... READ MORE

Will I Need Additional Surgeries to Correct my Bad Surgery in Thailand?

On August 27, 2010, I had my upper and lower eyelids operated on while I was on vacation in Thailand. The pictures were taken today, day 47. I am... READ MORE

What Moisturizer to use after stitches are removed from upper eyelid surgery?

I am 62 yrs. old and 1 week post op from upper eyelid loose skin removal surgery. The stitches came out yesterday and I want to apply moisturizer to... READ MORE

Can under eye skin tighten after swelling from transconjunctival blepharoplasty?

The skin under one of my eyes appears loose after transconjunctival blepharoplasty could this tighten in time? The other eye seems fine READ MORE

My eyes has a lot of loose skin. Any suggestions?

Ok so I have eye shapes thats bothers me when I look at other people's eyes they have a more freely open tear duct whereas mines seem to have a... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the loose wrinkly skin under my eyes? (Photo)

I have loose wrinkly skin under my eyes. I currently have botox and juvederm under my eyes. I had a lower lid bleph six years ago. I had photofacial... READ MORE

Asymmetric eyelid crease after upper eyelid surgery. Do I need a revision? (Photo)

Hello I had an upper eyelid bleph done 8 wk ago & the creases looks very diff from each other - like 2 diff surgeons did each diff eyelid. the loose... READ MORE

I Am 57 Years Old and Have Excess, Loose Skin Under my Eyes?

My doctor wants to make the incision underneath my eyes in the lash line. Will the scar show and is this standard procedure? He also said filler may... READ MORE

Can the Loose Skin on Lower Lids Be Corrected With Further Surgery? Will the Scar On My Upper Lid Disappear?

Thank you for replying to my questions re the loose lower lids. If it doesn't sort itself out naturally, can it be corrected successfully by... READ MORE

I want to know an approximate cost of having eyelid surgery, a neck lift, and a tightening of my face? (photos)

My eyelids are like curtains. I have a turkey neck and lots of soft loose skin on my face that makes me look older. I need to know if this is... READ MORE

Make Swollen Eyelids Back to Big Globe Look? (photo)

Hello. Im 24 years old, and a few years back I used to have big eyelids, kind of the "hollow" look. I know many don't want that look, but I liked it,... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend to get rid of excess skin on my eyelids. (photos)

I am 18 years old and have genetically loose upper eyelid skin. For about 3 years now I have been wearing eyelid tape everyday to give me an eyelid.... READ MORE

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