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What Procedure Would Lengthen my Eye?

My eyes are very short, to short for the width of my face, and the ends sag a little. What procedure would have to be done to elongate and lift my... READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty/Lateral Canthoplasty. Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

I'm 21 and I wanted to do the surgeries as stated since 14.I am not confident with my look and I hope to enhance my face feature by undergoing the... READ MORE

Occulofacial Surgeons: Revision Eye Shape Following Too Strong Lateral Pull Temple Lift: Possible?

Sept.2010 a temple lift was done with too strong lateral pull: the lashline moved too high in the eye, certainly the lateral part. Surgeon then... READ MORE

I Have Vertically Large Eyes but Horizontlly They Are Really Small Can a Surgery Help Me Lengthen my Eye Horizontally?

I Have Vertically Large Eyes but Horizontlly They Are Really Small Can a Surgery Help Me Lengthen my Eye Horizontally? want to have lenthed eyes... READ MORE

Can rounding of the outer eyelids after surgery be improved?

I had a lower bleph and my eyes appear much shorter horizontally. It seems the outer corners have been blunted slightly, but just enough to make a big... READ MORE

I Want Longer Eyes, What Surgery Should I Get? (photo)

I am 18 year old female, i am a european mixed and i have almond shaped eyes but they are a bit short but the plus they are very open vertically just... READ MORE

Procedures to Lengthen the Eye?

Hi, I am curious if there are any cosmetic surgical procedures that work to lengthen the overall eye shape. Does a lateral canthoplasty work for this?... READ MORE

Is Lateral Canthoplasty and Medial Epicanthoplasty Good to Make my Eyes Longer?

I'm not asian, but i would like to do my surgery in korea in the future. I will also consider jaw operation, because mine looks manly. READ MORE

Defining/Lengthening the Inner Canthus? (photos)

A defined, "teardrop shaped" negatively-tilted inner canthus is such an attractive trait that many makeup styles attempt to recreate one by... READ MORE

Can I lengthen and widen my eyes? (photos)

I want to make my eyes look like rihanna. Is this possible or not? My eyes look small from far and they squint in sunlight. I think there's too much... READ MORE

Can I Lengthen my Eyes? (photo)

I'm perfectly happy with how wide my eyes are but I feel as though the length (horizontal measure) of my eye is too short for my face. I'd there a... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can lengthen the outer corners of my eyes to make them seem more wide set?

I don't really like the shape of my eyes being that they're a little close together. If they were a few millimeters farther apart my face would look a... READ MORE

Help really needed for upper blepharoplasty problems. Over excision and many other issues.

One of my eyelids is over excised and lid completely disappears when I aggressively raise brows and uter area of that lid also pulls up. The other eye... READ MORE

Eyelid grafts.. complicated situation. (Photos)

I have lids but I have lost an inch of skin, vertically and horiz. Is there any way to think outside the box here and do a graft in the shape of a... READ MORE

Is there a way to make short non Asian eyes longer but not narrower?

I am not an Asian and have wide, but also very short eyes. That means that the distance between my outer corner and Iris is very small. That really... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty and lengthening the corner of my eye? (Photo)

I'm planning on getting Blepharoplasty, I indeed have double lids but I desire parallel ones. Also, I would like to lengthen my eyes horizontally as... READ MORE

Is it possible to lengthen the eyes just a little?

I would like to know if it is possible at all to lengthen the eyes slightly. Could this be done endoscopic ally? As I am from Sydney, Aus, I would... READ MORE

Lateral canthoplasty - for a specific eye shape only? (photo)

Hello! I've always wanted to get my eyes lengthened and perhaps retouched to be bigger. I think I'll get double eyelid surgery as I am not satisfied... READ MORE

How can I make my eyes look horizontally longer? (Photo)

I really like the look of horizontally longer, horizontally wide eyes. To me it looks slinky, cat-like and beautiful. Is there a way to achieve this... READ MORE

Could my lateral canthi be extended horizontally? (photos)

I asked here before about craniofacial surgery for my several SDs below average IPD, but the idea wasn't well-received as it apparently does not... READ MORE

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