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Internal Ptosis Repair Surgery?

I set up an appointment with my Oculoplastic Surgeon and I'm in the process of scheduling a date and time for the surgery. It is internal ptosis... READ MORE

Internal Stitches Showing Outside of Skin Of Eyelids

I am post bilateral blepharoplasty by 12 days. DR removed external stitches at 8 days. Now I notice on both eyelids stitches that are on the outside... READ MORE

For upper blephroplasty, my surgeon stated that skin tissue wld be removed. Is it common to do internal sutures?

I am asking for information regarding why internal sutures would be used for upper bleph and if this should have been discussed during consultation. I... READ MORE

Dissection of Internal Scar?

For revisional blepharoplasty to lower down the crease, will dissection of internal scar cause the skin of the lid to be thinner? and cause the fold... READ MORE

Can rubbing too hard in the middle of an incision site damage internal stitches? I'm 7 weeks post op eyelid surgery.

I had upper bleph revision incisional eyelid surgery and I noticed the following day after rubbing- where there used to be a smooth arch, there are... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Eyelids, do I need a revision? (Photos)

I had ptosis surgery 2 months ago on my left eye with an internal approach. The eyelid was originally good height after the surgery, but came down... READ MORE

I had internal ptosis repair: outer corner of my right eye is overcorrected, how to fix it?

6 months ago I had internal ptosis surgery. The outer corner of my upper right eye is overcorrected which created undesirable asymmetry that I did not... READ MORE

Is it true that there won't be any internal bleeding in an eyelid surgery when the fat is not removed?

When the fat in the upper or lower lids are not removed and used for the eyelids then there won't be any internal bleeding which can cause blindness.... READ MORE

Chalazion/Lower eyelid cyst. Had internal sty and chalazion incision surgery. (photo)

After incision surgery, another well-defined mass popped up slightly lower. No pain. 1. If I wait months to have another surgery as it gets harder,... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty Scarring?

Hello. I had a lower lift (no skin was removed or fat taken, just smoothing out) almost 3 years ago. Had drooping issue due to excessive scarring, I... READ MORE

Scar tissue lower bleph. Skin pinch. (photos)

My octo plast surgeon did a skin pinch lower bleph 2 years ago. internal scarring one eye, did a revision and laser to treat my wrinkles which looked... READ MORE

Upper eyelid and internal brow lift 5 days post op - line and puckering above incision left eye (Photo)

I had upper eyelid with an internal brow lift 5 days ago. My left eye has quite a lot of puckering and a line/crease above incison. My sutures are... READ MORE

Is there a hope to fix my semilunar crease shape on my left eye? (photos)

Had two ptosis surgeries (external and internal). My left eye is sunken near the nose and the platform is roundent with more skin now after my... READ MORE

Can internal sutures detach or collapse after canthoplasty by moving the eyes upward or contracting the orbicularis muscle?

Hi at all, I underwent canthoplasty 10 days ago to repair ectropion and scleral show resulting from a previous surgical operation. When I move my eyes... READ MORE

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