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What Are the Requirements to Have Insurance Cover Blepharoplasty?

Excess upper eyelid skin runs in both sides of my family, and most have impaired vision by their late 50s. At 37, my upper eyelids hang over my... READ MORE

When is Blepharoplasty Medically Necessary?

When is blepharoplasty considered to be medically necessary? The skin on my upper eyelids hangs down over my eyelashes. It tends to push my... READ MORE

At What Point Does Insurance Generally Pay for Eyelid Ptosis Repair?

My lid just keeps on drooping. Already did standard upper and lower bleph surgery (w/ Kaiser), which helped for a couple of years. There is a clear... READ MORE

When Eyelashes Are Being Pushed Downward, is Eyelid Surgery Medically Necessary?

What are the most common scenarios for eyelid surgery to be deemed medically necessary? READ MORE

Upper Lid Blepharoplasty: Is Local Anesthesia with Oral Sedation Effective for a Positive Outcome, Safety and Comfort?

I will be only using the money insurance will give me for the upper eyelid surgery mainly involving skin removal. I prefer to keep the fat and muscle... READ MORE

Is Any Part of the Surgery Covered by Insurance?

I like many people of my age have excess skin in my eyelids and I have many small skin tags that need to be removed. Is any part of this surgery... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Double Eyelid Surgery?

I wear contact lenses about two years ago. Then due to a heavy college workload I would wear them for extended periods of time (from about 7AM to... READ MORE

Will Medicare Cover my Surgery for Droopy Eyelid? (photo)

I had glaucoma surgery 5 years ago. Since than my eyelid been droopy and it getting worst. I have a dr appt in Sept so I want to know if I should ask... READ MORE

Will I Qualify for Insurance Coverage on a Blepharoplasty Procedure? (photo)

I am 23 and I've had droopy eyelids for as long as I can remember and it just seems to be getting worse. It's mainly my right eye that droops the... READ MORE

Is it advisable to undergo bilateral ptosis surgery under general anesthesia?

I am having surgery soon and my doctor recommended going under general anesthesia since my insurance is covering procedure and I might be a little... READ MORE

Help! What is the weird extra skin on the inner corner of my right eye? (Photo)

I have this extra skin on the inner corner of my right eye. It's always been there, as I get older its worse to the point where it obstructs my vision... READ MORE

Is Eye Lid Surgery Covered by Any Kind of Medical Insurance?

I have a tiny lump on my left eyelid that I wanted removed. However, I have wanted to improve my eyelids for some time. Would this be covered by... READ MORE

I Am 57, Have a Complex About my Eyes and Need an Upper Bleph. Is This Something Insurance Can Cover? (photo)

But am on unemployment, have been a single parent since my son was 5 and can't afford to do it unless it is considered medical. How can I go about... READ MORE

My lids are slowly drooping over my eyes, would my insurance cover my Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I come from a family on my fathers Sade that as we get older we have puppy sad eyes. I'm 54 and I look Asian in all pictures. As my eye lids on the... READ MORE

Would Insurance cover blepharoplasty for Graves Disease?

I had Graves Disease which is now in remission, but it really took a toll on my eyes. I would like to have lower lid blepheroplasty to repair some of... READ MORE

Alternative Financing for Blepharoplasty?

What if my insurance company states they do not cover Blepharoplasty? My eyelids droop over eyelashes, one lower than the other. On the lower side, I... READ MORE

What is the Approximate Cost of the Laser Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery? Will my Insurance Cover It if It Affects my Eye Sight?

What is the Approximate Cost of the Laser Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery? Will my Insurance Cover It if It Affects my Eye Sight? READ MORE

Ptosis of my Left Eyelid? (photo)

Hi, I have insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and am curious as to if the opthalmologist I will see in about a week will approve for... READ MORE

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