Injury + Eyelid Surgery

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Eye area swollen up badly & suddenly on blowing my nose after hit by door?

Day before yesterday I got hit by door in eye area, it swelled up a little and was paining. Then i slept for 3 hours, i went to basin, blew my nose,... READ MORE

Drooping of Upper Eyelid Due to Injury? (photo)

I was hit right below my eyebrow in a sports collision about five years ago. It resulted in an immediate swelling of the area that turned into a black... READ MORE

Eye Injury Caused Eye to Be Bigger, Can Plastic Surgery Fix It?

My left eye is bigger than my right eye due to an injury to my left eye when i was young. it got bigger after it healed i guessed. can plastic surgery... READ MORE

I Have a Depressed Eye, So Do I Need Surgery to Fix It?

A couple months ago, I got elbowed in the eye, and it happened again last week. Now it is visibly smaller, a sign that it has been pushed in or... READ MORE

What Kind of Surgeon Should I Go to for This?

About 6 years ago I was hit with a baseball on my right eye. Now it is a lot puffier and obviously uneven compared to the left eye. What would be the... READ MORE

Can This Left Eye Be Fixed? (photo)

He had an eye injury a few years ago and as a result the left eye became bigger. 1. Please explain to me why and how the eye is bigger. 2. Can it be... READ MORE

Could an eyebrow injury cause nerve damage in rest of the face?

When i was a few years old i got a deep cut on the end of my eyebrow, and more than a decade later my eyebrow droops a little, eyelid droops, and that... READ MORE

Hyper pigmentation and asymmetry after upper eyelid injury. (photos)

It's been 18 months since injuring my eyelid in a bike accident, there is a noticeable difference in volume between the upper eyelids and the area... READ MORE

My left eyebrow and cheek look swollen from an accident years back, what kind of treatment could help? (photos)

I had a injury on my eyebrow that caused my eye and the left side of my face to swolle up, i already had eyelid surgery but i set an appointment with... READ MORE

Is it possible for the shape of my eyelid to change after being hit in eye?

Hello everyone, I just got hit in the eye by someone and my eyelid was impacted. it doesn't hurt anymore but is it possible that my eyelid shape will... READ MORE

I had a injury to my eye, so got eyelid surgery now one eye looks bigger than the other. Can it be fixed?

I got hit with a base ball to my eye brow that swoll up my eye and eyebrow, i had to get surgry and after i waited my time after the surgey noticed... READ MORE

There is asymmetry in my upper eyelid. Any treatment would you recommend? (photos)

This is post an injury in the childhood. As I age, the asymetry is becoming more and more visible. Morning when I get up, it us not as bad but by... READ MORE

My eyelid open can all the way, but won't shut properly after accident

I injured my eyelid a few weeks ago and it still won't shut properly. I'm guessing the eyelid muscle got severely strained or pulled. It looks all... READ MORE

Can eye socket trauma like this be corrected? (Photo)

I had trauma to the bones under my left eye about 7 years ago. Now my left eye is very out of place, both sunk in and lower than my right eye. It... READ MORE

Why my eyes are now different in size ?.

I'm now 19 .When i was 12 while i was playing with my sister making my eyes big ,my right eye suddenly jerked and lost my eyesight parrtly .i was... READ MORE

Follow up to my first and second questions. Could someone tell me the name of the operation?

I never had surgery done to my eyes. i did have surgery on my nose when i was 5 years old due to a big injury there but i don't think it's relevant 2... READ MORE

Eye injury 8 yrs ago when I was 17-18. Eyes not at the same depth, can surgery correct the angle & depth of my right eye?(photo)

I fell from standing position and directly hit my eye on the butt end of a bike handle. Definitely the worst thing that's ever happened to me... READ MORE

I'm concerned about a nerve injury, following Blephropasty.

I am 7 days post-op Bleph/upper and lower in out-pt. setting with MAC. Stitches have been removed. My Lt. lower lid is lower than my Rt. and drooping... READ MORE

After injury and eyelid surgery, my eyebrow and cheek still looks swollen. What can I do about this? (photos)

Already had eyelid surgery but im going to go see a oculo plastic surgeon to see if he can make it better, but what can i do about this? READ MORE

What can I do to repair oculomotor nerve damage or, at least, correct some of the eyelid asymmetry? (photos)

When I was 3.5 years old, I suffered an injury which led to the damage of my third cranial nerve. I've had surgery to correct some of the unilateral... READ MORE

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