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Orbital Rim Implants For Hollow Eyes; Anything Just As Effective? (photo)

I'm a young 24 year old but I have really bad Hollow eyes. It has been hard to find another case like mine, but I found one that is similar to me.... READ MORE

I Am 30 and Had Tear Trough Implants. Thought They Would Eventually Go Away, But Haven't? (photo)

Four years ago I had tear trough implants.I did not have any excessive fat just deep creases that made me look tired. I thought it will eventually go... READ MORE

I Am Unhappy with my Tear Trough Deformity and I'm Relatively Young Only 33. I'm Considering a Tear Trough Implant? (photo)

I'm a licensed esthetician and I see clients on a regular basis and many do not seem to have the condition to the degree I have it at my age (I notice... READ MORE

Under Eye Implants Shapes and Cost? (photo)

I'm 21, non smoker and healthy...I have deep dips under my eyes and loss of fullness generally in the face. I want a long term solutions and I think... READ MORE

Lagophthalmos is Causing Painful Dry Eyes. Doctor Wants to Do Gold Implant.

Problem: I am suffering from painful dry eyes due to Lagophthalmos. My oculoplastic surgeon recommends a gold implant placed in the upper eyelid of... READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants, Sub Periosteal Mid Face Lift and Long Term Complications?

I am in the UK and am seeking to treat sub orbital volume deficiency coupled with weakening of the orbital septum. I understand that I may benefit... READ MORE

I have big lower eyelids and I'm wondering what procedure would be most effective to correct it. (Photo)

My eyes are really big, so my lower eyelids are big too. I want a smooth transition from my eyelid to cheeks. Would a filler help me achieve this... READ MORE

Will orbital rim implants help with round eyes that have scleral show?

Im 25, had no surgery now im getting orbital implants mainly for eye hollow bone structure and scheral show from a maxo facial who does orbital rim... READ MORE

Why does one eye slant down and have weak bone projection? (Photo)

My right eye is not only shorter than my left, but slants downward as well, making the inner corner appear higher than the outer. Is there some kind... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Lift Surgery?

My husband had catarac surgery in july and had implants put in. His vision was great but he had one eye that was little lower in seeing than other so... READ MORE

How long must I wait after cheek implant removal to get a lower bleph? I'm 18 years old. Is that too young? (Photo)

I had med terino malar shell cheek implants removed after being in for 3 months. Placed May 14 removed Aug 14. Was left with devastating under eye... READ MORE

lower blepharoplasty? Cheek lift? it looks like a tear trough deformity and damage to the orbicularis (photos)

The before pic was recent. a different surgeon destroyed my entire face. He cut my eyes to place what I later found out were really horrific medpor... READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants? Eye surgery question #2 (Photo)

Ok well I got mixed answers last one and one doctor told me to post a side view so here. When I talk my right eye droops more than my left, and when I... READ MORE

What can be done to botched reconstructive eye surgery using canthopexy w implants lowerlid. Right eye upper pulls open. (photo)

Upper lid now draws tight that raises outside corner and eyebrow dropped. Causing horrible pain and pull on nerve that controls blink. Pain goes up... READ MORE

What Are Tear Trough Implants?

 What exactly do they help with? Thank you. READ MORE

Normal that bone/pockets show through my skin after lower and upper eyelid surgery that look like implants?

Let's say this has been done poorly. Can it be fixed? What would be my options? I feel like I look like a freak. I am going to wait until next week... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; orbital decompression or septum implants for protruding eyes? (photos)

I hate shape of my upper and lower lids. i donot know whether to do orbital decompression or septum orbital around eyes up and down READ MORE

Realistic downtime from hydroxyapatite based implants for tear troughs?

Looking for realistic info on healing time for solid hydroxyapatite implants for the tear trough region. I've been told dissolvable sutures will go... READ MORE

Would I benefit from an orbital rim implant? (photos)

I'm 26 years old and have found that I metabolize filler quickly so I am looking for something more permanent. I hate my droopy eyes and hollow under... READ MORE

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