Hyperthyroid + Eyelid Surgery

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Grave's Disease and Hyperthyroid. Will Blepharoplasty This Help Solve My Problem? (photo)

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid last 2010, and also suffered from Grave's disease. Now i am planning to undergo blepharoplasty because my upper lid... READ MORE

Is There a Reason for Not Allowing a Hypothyroid Person to Have Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I have fatty deposits on my eyelids, and would like to have them removed. I have Hypothyroidism and take 137 mcg of Synthroid daliy, so it is under... READ MORE

Will Hyperthyroidism Affect Plastic Surgery Results?

Hello, one month ago i had upper blepharoplasty and browlift. last week i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. my eyes seem to be healing ok now I... READ MORE

What affects my face and it shape? (photo)

I had hyperthyroidism in a bad form. Now the tests are ok. I ended up with lower eye lid retraction (I am thinking to get restylane for that). I... READ MORE

Unilateral Ptosis After Flu and Hyperthyroid? (photo)

I had a unilateral muller muscle repair for a levator dehiscense 16 months ago on the left eye. 4 months later my right eye appeared to be droopy and... READ MORE

Concerning the corrective surgery for bulgy eyes due to Thyroid eye disease, I would like to have an idea as to the cost.

I am Two years diagnosed with hyper-thyroid disease and one year diagnosed with thyroid eye disease, no vision loss, using artificial lubricants, i'm... READ MORE

What surgical procedure can be done on eyelids for someone with thyroid disease?

Will the eyelid surgery for fixing eyelids that won't fully close take longer than other eyelid surgeries? READ MORE

Blepharoplasty, brow lift, or both? (Photo)

I am 35; I think my crease is too low, maybe my brows are too low, there is extra skin. I want more space between my lashes & crease, but not too... READ MORE

If a patient has Hypothyroidism can they have an Upper Eyelift done?

Are there any special concerns? I am aware they should see a plastic surgeon who specializes in these type of patients. READ MORE

10 week post op upper and lower blepharoplasty. As you can see, one eye is bigger than the other still. Is this normal? (photo)

Will this correct itself in time? Can i hasten it along somehow? Could this be caused by my possibly being allergic to the Botox I had between... READ MORE

I have problem on my eyes, it got bulge.. Is there any protocol can i follow to return my eyes to normal? (photo)

I have been tested that i have a hyperthyroidism. I discover it at year 2008 because it weaken my muscle.. but my thyroid now was in controlled. But... READ MORE

Droopy eyelid/eyebrow and uneven cheeks. (photo)

A few years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. It completely changed my faces fat distribution and that resulted in moon face. Also my eyelid... READ MORE

What is the best solution to exophthalmos? Teen

My eyes are quite prominent not sure whether it's due to hyperthyroidism ( waiting to get back to the states to get a thyroid check ) or a inherited... READ MORE

18 days post-op. Left eye has skin allergy and has yet to open totally. What will stop the allergy? (Photo)

Upper and lower eyelid surgery. What will stop the allergy and then get back to the other problem..namely, getting the left eye to open properly?... READ MORE

What can I do about hyperthyroid , exophthalmos and ptosis in same time?

I has sicked since 10 month ago. my sickness start with hyperthyroid and after 2 month that i was hyperthyroid my sickness continue with exophthalmos... READ MORE

What to Do with my Eyes After Thyrotoxicosis?

I had thyrotoxicosis. My eyes are obviously affected, may be not radically, but for me it became a nightmare. The more I read about different... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for eyeball decompression surgery? (Photos)

I have bulgy eyes, I had hyperthyroidism and had radiation done and I'm on Levo thyroxine. My eyes have stayed the same size for about 2 years now and... READ MORE

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