Hooding + Eyelid Surgery

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How Do I Get Rid of Hooded Eyelids? (photo)

I'm in my thirties and have noticed my eyelids are looking heavy these days making me look sleepy, tired, sad and they are just aging me. What is the... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Hooded Eyelids? (photo)

I'm 21 and I find my eyelids to be too hooded, and I look like I have already 40! My mother has the same hooded eye, so as my father. What is the best... READ MORE

Hooded Eyelid on One Eye? (photo)

Last night my friend and I were looking at our eyes and we both had standard. This morning I woke up and when I looked one was standard and one had a... READ MORE

Eyelids Hooding Too Soon, Need Advice on Which To Choose

See photos. I'm 32 and my skin is otherwise in great condition with no permanent wrinkles yet. I am wondering which would be right for me (and my... READ MORE

Dominant Eyes, Protruding Eyes, Hooded Eyes, Which Do I Have? (photo)

Ive been teased about my eyes my entire life & Im on the fence regarding surgery. Im trying to understand what it is about my facial features that... READ MORE

I Had Upper Blepharoplasty 10 Days Ago to Fix my Hooded Lids? (photo)

I had upper blepharoplasty 10 days ago to fix my hooded lids. One eyelid now has no hooding, but my right eye is still hooded and seems to get... READ MORE

Alarplasty or Rhinoplasty? And Blepharoplasty.

I am looking to open up the features on my face. My eyes are relatively small and hooded. I dont want to have aggressive eyelid surgery as I dont want... READ MORE

Can the upper eyelids be made more hooded? (Photo)

The examples I posted are a bit too extreme but I just wanted to post extremes. Hooded eyes are a very aesthetic masculine trait. Can eyes with the... READ MORE

My Right Eyelid Gets Stuck at the Top of my Eye Giving Me a Look Like I Have No Eyelid???

I can pull it down and it returns to normal but after a while it returns. Can anyone help identify what it is and how it can be corrected? READ MORE

Is there an easier way to fix hooded eyes? Do I even have them? (photo)

I am only 18 and ive recently noticed that i have a very hooded upper eyelid. Its so bad that if I dont raise my eyebrows I look mean and awful... READ MORE

Possible Overcorrection or Too Early to Tell?

I was born with congenital ptosis and had an upper bleph on my right eye 3 weeks ago. I am pleased with the results looking straightforward but worry... READ MORE

I Am 20 Years Old and Thinking About Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

My eyes are hooded and I always have this tired unhappy look. My left eye is more hooded than the right eye. I am interested in the upper eyelid... READ MORE

What Is The Best Way to Remove Crease Under Eyes? (photo)

What is the best way to remove a crease under the eyes? Fillers? Fat transfer? Blepharoplasty? Skin pinch? I am 30 and ideally would like to add more... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift and Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery?

I have just turned 35 and noticed that my eyes are starting to look old. My eyebrows have dropped slightly and my upper eyelids always look tired and... READ MORE

My right eye is a lot more hooded than the left. Any suggestions? (photos)

Over the past year or so I've begun to notice more and more that my eyes are uneven in that one is dramatically more hooded than the other, which is... READ MORE

Will eyelid tape work for uneven eyelids?

I'm Caucasian, and a lot of these people who use eyelid tape are trying to achieve a double lid. I already have one, but my other eye is hooded. Will... READ MORE

Would it be risky to undergo surgery to correct my deep set eyes problem? (Photo)

Hi I'm 20 year old female.I have very deep set eyes and hooded eyes too.I would like more open eyes.Is there any way to fix them?the shape of my... READ MORE

I have one eye that I think is hooded and another that isn't. Can I fix this problem? (Photo)

Hi. To my knowledge, I was born with one hooded eye and I have recently noticed a difference in my eyes, especially since my face has become more... READ MORE

Why do I have hooded eyelids and forehead wrinkles at age 15? (photos)

I noticed when I was actually 14, that the top of my eye lids were covered by the skin on top. I looked at other people and realised that this wasn't... READ MORE

What Has Caused my Eyes to Become Asymmetrical?

For a few years now, my eyes have been aymmetrical. I was not born this way, it just started when I was about 17 (6 years ago) and has got worse and... READ MORE

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