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I have one eye higher than the other you can see more of the sclera. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? (photos)

I feel like the right eye looks a little droopy but at the same time its higher up than the left eye. It has always been like this and it is more... READ MORE

My left eye is higher than my right eye. Why Are my Eyes Uneven? (photo)

It really bothers me... my left eye is higher than my right eye. READ MORE

I wanted to know how to fix my eyes? One eye is higher than the other. Is there treatment without surgery? (photos)

People don't notice it. I don't notice it when looking at the mirror either. Once I take a picture, however, it becomes fairly obvious. I can fix it... READ MORE

Will Eyelids Move Up After Lower Bleph with Incision After 12 Weeks Post Op?

I am 12 weeks post op from a lower bleph with incision. I had minimal fat removed, fat injected to the tear trough, and skin and muscle removed. Also,... READ MORE

my right eye is higher than the other? (photo)

My right eye is higher than the other. you can tell that the pupil is higher. This bothers me because i look deformed. Any way to fix this or make it... READ MORE

8 yrs post op Eyelid Surgery, I have a raised scar, hollowed eyelid, and high crease. Should I have revision for ptosis? (photo)

In 2006, I had upper eyelid surgery and as a result, ended up with a raised scar in the medial canthal area, hollowed eyelid and high crease on the... READ MORE

Should I let my plastic surgeon do a revision? (photos)

1 yr ago I had bilateral upper bleph and from the beginning was unhappy with the scars, esp on the left eye. The surgeon kept insisting everything was... READ MORE

What can be done to help fix incisions that are too high with too much skin removed? (photos)

R eye platform higher than left but eye looks smaller. Eyes look more asymmetrical than before. Incisions too high, arch too high. Thinking of filler... READ MORE

I had upper bleph surgery 9 days ago. Is the incision line too high? (photo)

Surgeon insists that lines will move further down into crease when swelling subsides. he extended out past brow on left eye. this eye had more ptosis... READ MORE

My left eyelid is too high than my right eye after double eyelid surgery. Is this a mistake? (photos)

I had double eyelid surgery done 4 weeks ago. I originally have double eyelids already but wanted to get it even out since my left eyelid were acting... READ MORE

Uneven eyes and high incision on right eye after lower and upper eyelid surgery. What can I do to even them out? (photo)

I had lower and upper surgery almost 5 weeks ago and a lot of the swelling has now gone down. I feel a lot more of my eyelid hood was removed on my... READ MORE

My right eyebrow is raised higher than my left eyebrow. Am I a candidate for blepharoplasty surgery? (photo)

My right eyebrow is raised higher than my left eyebrow..and in some cases my left eyebrow raised too... i think there is excessive skin on both... READ MORE

My right eyeball (Ur left side) is higher than other one. Is there a way to fix it? (photos)

It is noticeable ( can see sclera ) and happens all the time when I take pictures. My right eyeball ( ur left ) always seems to be much higher than... READ MORE

I had upper eyelid surgery 8 months ago, doesn't look right at all. Any suggestions? (photos)

During initial consult doc said I only needed eyelid surgery. Immediately after the surgery I asked about the stitches on my left eye higher and... READ MORE

I have High Eyelid Grease - But normal in the morning. Any treatment suggestions? (photos)

The first few hours in the morning my eyelids are symmetrical, but during the day, the grease in my left lid moves higher and higher. It looks normal... READ MORE

Why my eyelids are too high after the surgery? (photos)

My eyelids are too high and felt tight after the surgery. READ MORE

Can an upper eyelid lift that is too high be corrected by pulling down on the eyelid (lashes) several times a day? (photos)

I suffered an orbital fracture. I've had 5 surgery's in 13 months. My last surgery, to correct a drooping upper eyelid, required a cartilage implant... READ MORE

Would double eyelid surgery make my nose appear higher than now?

I'm an Asian guy who is considering about getting a double eyelid surgery. When I make a crease over my eyes it makes my nasal bridge appear higher... READ MORE

9 weeks post op, cut over the my left eye is higher. Will my left eyelid always look larger and folds go away?(photo)

Left eyelid larger, cut closer to eyebrow, has a peak in the upper inside corner and folds in the inside corner which is visible with and without... READ MORE

How can I fix my extreme eye asymmetry? (photos)

First of all, could someone please explain to me why this is happening as I have gotten older? I have only started to notice this in myself in the... READ MORE

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