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Would Eyelid Height Worsen During Mullerectomy Recovery Period?

I had mullerectomy 8 days ago and I was able to see the results a day after the surgery. Unfortunately, while I was asleep 2 days ago, I accidently... READ MORE

I recently had a lateral canthus incision, but the corner of my eye looks horrible. It doesn't look natural at all.

How effective can lateral canthal reconstruction be at restoring the normal height and shape of hmthe corner of the eye.. READ MORE

How do I get vertical eye height? Calling all ocuoplast surgeons! Eye surgeons.. (photos)

The skin around my eyes were shrunk by heat (ultherapy) giving me a smaller look, less White showing a different shape , and less height. It happens... READ MORE

Do I need a third revision? What needs to be fixed? Should I look for a new surgeon? (photos)

I had my blepharoplasty and ptosis correction in February 2016 and a revision done August 2016. My eye lid height was okay and then it dropped again... READ MORE

6 months after bilateral blepharoplasty, eyes still swollen? (photos)

I had asian blehpharoplasty 6 months ago. I asked for 2-3 mm lid show however 6 months post surgery it does not look like the eyelid height will... READ MORE

How much will eyelid crease decrease?

I got a double eyelid surgery done recently, partial incision method. I opt for a 8.5 mm crease and was wondering how much will the crease go down?... READ MORE

Residual Epicanthal Fold. Why is it still there? (photos)

I have underwent double eyelid surgery (suture method) and Epicanthoplasty. 1) I still see Residual Epicanthal Fold.(3 weeks post surgery) I don't... READ MORE

Is a revision possible to create eyes that are symmetrical? Could this be done without brow lift? (Photos)

I had upper eyelid surgery. Overall, I am very happy. My right eye was heavier with more loose skin. The incisions were never at the same height,... READ MORE

Revision required? Is the crease height too low? 1 month post-op. (photos)

I am 1 month post op and the crease height now is ideal for me. But I've heard that the deswelling will continue from 6 months up to a year. Is the... READ MORE

Eyes very different in shape and height (Photo)

My eyes are not the same shape and one looks to be higher. You can notice a big difference especially in pictures. What causes this and Is there any... READ MORE

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