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I Have Heavy, Puffy Upper Eyelids. Are the Non-surgical Alternatives to Fix That?

My upper eyelids are very heavy and puffy. It's not because of my age--I was born with these eyes:) I would like to find an alternative solution... READ MORE

I'm 26 but my Eyelids Are So Heavy. How Can I Fix Them? (photo)

I've always had slightly heavy eyelids but lately they are so bad they make me groggy having it push on my lid all day. Is this something I need... READ MORE

What Can I Do About a New Fold in my Eyelid? (photo)

Two weeks ago my left eyelid got an extra crease in it that hasn't gone away since. Not only does it look extremely strange, it's very uncomfortable... READ MORE

When will PLEXR plasma eye lift treatments be available in the United States? (Photo)

Hi, I have some heaviness in my upper lids, mostly at the ourer corners, and I was wondering if I would be a good candidate for PLEXR and when will it... READ MORE

Ptosis or Orbital Dystopia? Pic Included!

I have asymmetrical eyes, one is noticeably higher than the other. About four years ago the eyelid above my higher eye began having difficulties that... READ MORE

Droopy, Sagging Eyelids

Hello all. I'm only 22 years old, but am considering getting something done about my heavy, droopy eyelids. They make my eyes look very tired and... READ MORE

Right Eyelid Has Felt Heavy For 4 Years. Only 21 yo- Please Advise.

I'm a 21 year old female, as of about 4 years ago my right eyelid began to feel heavy and has continued to do so intermittently (usually at the... READ MORE

Best procedure to lift the outer corner of the eyes? (photos)

Dear Dr’s, I want to fix the downward slant to outer corners of my eyes giving a sad look. Upper lids've started 2 feel heavy. Pls advise what wud b g... READ MORE

My eyelids are dropping over my eyes and eyebrows are heavy. Will weight loss help or is there a non surgical solution? (photo)

My eyelids are dropping over my eyes and this seems to be becoming more pronounced over last couple of months during which I gave lost 20 pounds. I am... READ MORE

Tired, heavy eyelids 10 days post op upper and lower bleph (Photo)

I had eyelids surgery 10 days ago and I am healing quickly and very nicely visually. I still have anesthesia light/heavy headed periods that come and... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty or Brow Lift for Female Patient in Early 20s? (photo)

I am concerned with the upper lid heaviness/overall unrefined look to my eyes...they have looked this way for as long as i can remember. I cannot wear... READ MORE

Heavy Eyelids. In Picture It Looks Like I'm About to Blink. What Can I Do? (photo)

I have heavy eyelids and in pictures it looks like I'm about to blink. Is surgery necessary to fix this? I am 31 years old. READ MORE

I Have Heavy Upper Eyelids for my Age (I'm 23) Due to Genetics...

I have heavy upper eyelids for my age (I'm 23) due to genetics. I'm not sure whether the most appropriate surgery would be an upper bleph,... READ MORE

Appropriate Eyelid Procedures For 50 Year Old With Heavy Hooding? (photo)

Hello!. I am 50 years old woman and i would like some medical advice. Would a simple upper eyelid blepharoplasty be enough to correct the excess fat... READ MORE

Eyelid Drooping and Asymmetry in Lids post GPC. What Can I Do? (photo)

About 4 months ago I went to my opthamologist after 3 weeks of pain & annoyance in my eyes. I had GPC. Both of my eyelids were heavy & swollen... READ MORE

Other Eyelid Feels Heavy After Ptosis Repair on One Eye

I had a ptosis repair on my left eyelid, half a year ago, in China; about 2 mm of levator aponeurosis was cut out, tied to tarsal plate. About ~3 or... READ MORE

I have heavy low eyebrows and hooded eyelids, what could correct them?

I hope someone can help me with this. I was unfortunately born really ugly. I have very heavy eyebrows and droopy eyelids also my nose looks big. I... READ MORE

Forehead Still Feels Tight / Heavy After Bleph?

It's been 4 months after bleph (with one eye ptosis repair; levator aponeurosis cut 2mm and attached to tarsal plate) and my forehead / eyebrow... READ MORE

I'm 33 y/o male. 2 years ago I noticed my left eyelid drooping. What treatment would you recommend for eyelid ptosis? (photos)

I am a 33 y/o male. Approximately 2 years ago I noticed my left eyelid drooping. It gets significantly worse the more tired I am and when... READ MORE

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