Graves Disease + Eyelid Surgery

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I Have a Droopy Eye Due to Graves Disease, Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

I hate my face would love to find a dr to fix it my eyes look scary to me READ MORE

Graves Disease, Can Surgery Fix my Eyes?

I have just been diagnosed with Graves Disease. My eyes are gritty, itchy and swollen/bulging. I can also see a yellowish build up at the outside... READ MORE

Grave's Disease and Hyperthyroid. Will Blepharoplasty This Help Solve My Problem? (photo)

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid last 2010, and also suffered from Grave's disease. Now i am planning to undergo blepharoplasty because my upper lid... READ MORE

What are the treatment options for bulging eyes? (photo)

Diagnosed with Graves' disease 11 years ago. Had surgery to remove thyroid. Taking synthroid daily. Seeking treatment options to reduce eye bulging;... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Graves Disease

Hi, I am considering lower Blepharoplasty and pinching at the sides of eyes to help with my Graves eye disease. I had orbital fat removal 1 year ago... READ MORE

What Eyelid Surgery Procedures Help Bulging Eyes Due to Graves' Disease?

It is fairly typical that one surgery proves effective for correcting bulging eyes due to Graves' Disease? What medications are needed after the... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression without Graves Disease! (photo)

Hi there, My eyes keep bulging and look creepy...I have checked so I know it's not graves disease. My eyes use to be normal, so I know I'm not born... READ MORE

How much would decompression eye surgery cost? (Photo)

Good afternoon. My name is Edith i live in Mexico city, i would like to know the cost of a decompression eye surgery? I had Graves Disease and they... READ MORE

Would Insurance cover blepharoplasty for Graves Disease?

I had Graves Disease which is now in remission, but it really took a toll on my eyes. I would like to have lower lid blepheroplasty to repair some of... READ MORE

What is Normal Recovery from Retraction Repair Surgery for Graves Disease Patients?

I have Graves DIsease and have had my thyroid removed. I had radiation treatment on my eyes and Strabismus surgery on my right eye. On that same eye I... READ MORE

Bulging eyes for thyroid disease?

Hello My name Ghita Florina, am 28 years and suffer from Graves Basedow disease for 5 years I want to do my surgery for protruding orbital... READ MORE

Eyelid Asymmetry After Blepharoplasty

My left eye was 3mm different from my right eye pre surgery. The white was showing above pupil. My surgeon believed it was Graves Disease, and he... READ MORE

Did I Get Eye Lid Surgery Too Soon with Graves Eye Disease?

I received eye lid surgery 6 weeks ago and I think I made huge mistake. I was diagnosed with graves eye disease with horrible eye bags that I wanted... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression Surgery: How Long is Too Long to Get the Surgery?

My husband has Graves disease, his levels fluctuate slightly as the weeks go by. His eyes are extremely bulgy, sometimes crossing in the mornings. He... READ MORE

Uneven Eye Problem - After Graves?

Hello, after a complete thyroid removal due to Graves disease, I have noticed a significant difference in the size of my eyes. One eye appears normal... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression?

Hi I'm from Denmark, just diagnosed with moderate TED and graves' disease when I was 6 months pregnant. My hertel's measurements are 18 mm on each... READ MORE

Is Orbital Decompression suitable for cosmetic purpose? (Photo)

I have proptosis and no Grave's disease. I understand Orbital Decompression creates more room and space for the entire eye. But does the orbits still... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Lowered After Graves Disease. Keeps Going Back Up. What Are My Options?

Had upper eyelid surgery to lower lid because of graves disease. now it keeps trying to go back up no spacer was used what can i do to stop this. i... READ MORE

Two different eyes (Grave's disease) - Options?

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2001, I was diagnosed with Graves and put on medication. After my daughter was born, I went into remission. A... READ MORE

How Far Can Eyelids Roll Back?

Had surgery to lower my eyelid because of graves diease now the swelling is going down it keeps trying to go back up how far can it go already i can... READ MORE

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