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Plastic Surgeon Removed Too Much Skin in my Upper Eyelid Surgery, What Are My Options In A Revision?

2 yrs ago I had upper eyelid surgery. Too much skin was removed. I dont have hollow eyes, but there isnt enough skin from my eyebrow to eyelashes,... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Eyelid Skin Grafting?

One told me that i may need a skin grafting for my upper eyelid ..because it's not closing after the doctor cut too much ? so my Q is what is skin... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Graves Disease

Hi, I am considering lower Blepharoplasty and pinching at the sides of eyes to help with my Graves eye disease. I had orbital fat removal 1 year ago... READ MORE

Tissue Graft for Inner Eyelid Scar Tissue?

Scarring inside the outer corners of my eyelids pulls the lids down, causing ptosis. I have dry eyes. I was told years ago that cutting the scar... READ MORE

What are the risk for steroid injection for post surgery scar tissue? (photos)

My plastic surgeon put in a hard palate graft in my lower lid in an attempt to fix my droopy lid (which was caused by a previous surgery) about 7... READ MORE

1 year post op of blepharoplasty, I have asymmetrical and sunken hollow eyes. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I had blepharoplasty a year ago that caused asymmetrical and sunken hollows eyes. My PS did fat grafting 4 months ago to correct the hollows and to... READ MORE

Sunken hollow eyes after Eyelid Surgery. Pearl fat grafting cost.

After undergoing lower eye lid surgery and having fat removed and upper eye lid surgery on right eye. my eyes have sunken in and top lid space from... READ MORE

Will There Be a Difference In Lid Color After a Skin Graft For Overcorrected Surgery?

I had an upper eyelid surgery done about 7 months ago , but the doctor cut too much from my upper eyelid that left my eye not closing while asleep .... READ MORE

Is it Too Soon for Eyelid Surgery Revision? Plate Grafts have Fallen and Need Skin Graft.

2/08 had lower eyelid blephoplasty,mid facelift ended up with ecroption revision 3/08 another 2revisions 8/08 and1/09 7/01/09 hard plate graft wth mid... READ MORE

Do you really need a blepharoplasty if you can just do fat grafting?

What would advantage be of getting a blepharoplasty if you were having fat grafting below the eyes? Isn't the new fat just going to cover up any... READ MORE

Hard palate graft in lower lid on Nov. 6th. Lower lid still droops. How long should I give it until I "give up"? (photo)

I know healing takes time but I've had a lot of surgeries related to fixing this droopy lower lid (it droops when I open my mouth or look up) and the... READ MORE

4 months out from bleph, I need fat grafted back into my orbital eye area for sunken eyes. Can this be improved?

I don’t know what went wrong. I feel like my eyes look like alien eyes. I know I need fat grafted back into the eye area. I need a doctor that has a l... READ MORE

Spoke with a new surgeon and she said I need canthopexy maybe with internal graft. Any suggestions? (photos)

( needs to examine me in greater detail to be certain, i have an appointment with her to do just that) when i told her that some doctors also advised... READ MORE

Canthoplasty vs. Hard Palette Graft for sagging eyelids?

How does a doctor which is best to correct sagging lower lids. READ MORE

Can an enduragen graft be used alone to narrow eyes on the outer corners?

If one has droopy eyes, rounded on the outer corners, can enduragen be placed under the lower eyelid without further eye surgery to create almond,... READ MORE

What is the best long term material to use for lower lid corrective surgery? (photos)

Internal graft material for lower lid retraction. My surgeon uses donor scleral grafts for his reconstructive surgeries. I've been doing a lot of... READ MORE

What is hard palate graft resorption?

I have a surgery coming up for a droopy lower eyelid. My surgeon is going to use a hard palate graft. I've been doing some reading about the surgery... READ MORE

Lower Blephoplasty with skin pinch and fat removal at 34 years old for TIRED eyes. (photos)

I've had restyline under my eyes in the past and had some improvement. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon who suggested a lower trans... READ MORE

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