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Do I Have Ptosis? One Eye Seems More Closed Than the Other. (photo)

Hi, I am 20 years old and have noticed a problem with my eyes in photographs. I am not sure what is wrong with them. At the beginning of the year I... READ MORE

3 Months Post Eyelid Surgery: Left with Bad Vision and Discoloration

I had a smas facelift,neck lift and lower lids done, middle of feb one lid is and lopsided hanging and the other one is rolled out and hanging... READ MORE

What Are the Symptoms of Ptosis?

Hi. I am 21 years old. My left eye tends to droop a bit.But i have recognized something strange. My left eye appears normal after sleep or when i wash... READ MORE

Why don't my eyes look as big as they did before? They look a lot smaller now! Can someone tell me why is this happening?

I used to have big eyes but now they look small. Could it have been because I used to wear glasses? I also have droopy eyelids could that be the... READ MORE

Why has my right eye become smaller than the left, and what can be done about it? (Photo)

I don't know if this has anything to do with it but i do wear glasses and I often find my self squinting and straining my right eye the most since... READ MORE

I have different eye shapes. One is smaller than the other. What could have caused this and how can I "fix" it? (Photo)

I just started noticing this year how different my eyes look to one another. I'm pretty sure I didn't have this a couple years ago, I do need glasses... READ MORE

Can I still have blepharoplasty if I have to wear glasses or contact lenses?

I have been considering getting a lower blepharoplasty but I must either wear contacts or glasses in order to see. I am practically blind without them... READ MORE

My eyes are fairly asymmetrical. I slightly tilt my head to compensate. Will my tilt/crooked glasses worsen it as I age? (Photo)

I read some where that in early development the position of your head can cause your bones to shift, specifically around your eyes. I am 24 and well... READ MORE

One eye bigger than the other. What are my options?

Hey, I went to the doctor like a year and a half ago. I had astigmatism in one of my eyes, so I had to buy glasses. I did. But it doesn't actually... READ MORE

I have big bulging/protruding eyes, what surgery do I need? I have old and new pictures. (photos)

I have really poor eyesight and wear -10.00 contact lenses in both eyes. When I were glasses I require higher prescription. My eyesight got gradually... READ MORE

Would a Blepharoplasty be right for me? (photos)

I am a 27 year old female. Ever since my twenties, I noticed these "bags" under my eyes. They keep getting worse with every year. I now wear glasses... READ MORE

How long should I wait, post blepharoplasty, to have my prescription glasses adjusted? (Photo)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty in August. I wear progressive glasses and, with my improved field of vision, the "accommodations" I had made... READ MORE

My eyes dont look as good as they did a couple years ago. What could've caused this?

My eyes were so nice a couple years ago, then I started wearing glasses and after a while they started to change shape and they didnt look as good as... READ MORE

Is there anything I could do to make my eye asymmetry less obvious? (Photo)

I've always had this problem and at my last eye dr appointment the dr noticed it as well (I as never notified of it before). My glasses seem to... READ MORE

I'm 47, female, and I've noticed my left eye seems to open more or is rounder than my right. What can be done? (Photo)

I have noticed this slowly getting worse over the years, when is the cause of this and what can be done about it. I did read in a previous answer that... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery fix my eye asymmetry? (photo)

Hi. I recently just turned 18 years old and for the past 2 yrs I've been obsessing over the assymtry of my face, especially my eyes. I feel as if one... READ MORE

How can I correct sunken eyeballs and infra orbital folds? (Photo)

My eyes are like suddenly sunken into my eyeballs within few years.. I also have several folds below my eyes.. I have been using concave glasses for... READ MORE

Why after wearing glasses my eyes look so much different than before? Can I fix this?

I wore glasses for 2 years but now I have contacts. My eyes look so weird because of the glasses. I have ptosis and my upper and lower eyelids are... READ MORE

Is This Ptosis?

Hi. I am 21 years old. My left eye tends to droop a bit. I uploaded my pics in this forum and doctors recommended me to get ptosis surgery done. But i... READ MORE

Ptosis in left eye but also irritation... What could have caused this?

I already know I have ptosis in my left eye and it is acquired ptosis which I found out through photos. But my left eye is painful as well. And the... READ MORE

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