General Anesthesia + Eyelid Surgery

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General anesthesia for blepharoplasty?

The surgeon I'm thinking of going to wants to use general anesthesia and I am not really comfortable with that. I have never been in the hospital... READ MORE

Does an eye lift / brow lift require general anesthesia?

I've know two people who have passed away from complications with general anesthesia and while I want this procedure SO badly, I'm scared to death of... READ MORE

Is it possible to have upper and lower eyelid surgery successfully without a general anesthetic? (photo)

It's clear as day that I really really need both upper and lower eyes done! Is it possible for them to be done successfully without a general... READ MORE

Mucus buildup in chest (wet cough) from previous chest cold: OK to have general anesthesia for blepharoplasty surgery?

I'm a smoker, when I get a cold it goes to my chest and lingers. I know I'm supposed to quit smoking before surgery but that's not going to happen. If... READ MORE

Safety of anesthesia used for blepharoplasty on a 95 year old woman?

My 95 year old grandmother is scheduled to have blepharoplasty tomorrow. I'd like to hear different doctor's opinions/recommendations as far as... READ MORE

What's the best way to get a blepharoplasty?

Is it better to do it with general anesthesia or just local anesthesia? READ MORE

I'm considering an eyelift and have found two doctors that have excellent credentials. Who should I choose?

One would use a local with iv sedation, the other would use general anesthesia. I am 65, no obvious health problems, which would be preferable. READ MORE

I have a couple of questions about upper blepharoplasty?

Hi, I was wondering if because i flinch, if general anesthesia is an option instead of the local anesthesia? I don't want to mess up the surgery and... READ MORE

Surgeon insists all patients have a general anesthetic. Would I be more at risk if I'm not intubated?

I've consulted a surgeon for upper and lower Blepharoplasty. I was hoping I could have sedation as I wanted to avoid a GA as I tend to be very sick... READ MORE

Is it time for eyelid surgery? (photos)

What is the down time? What is the cost? Local or general anesthesia? In office procedure? Scars? Thank You!! READ MORE

How is Eyelid Surgery performed?

What are the steps involved in the surgery and how long does it take? Can it be performed in the doctors office or do you need to be in a hospital? Do... READ MORE

Is there a 'better' choice? Twilight vs general anesthesia for a 'skin pinch' procedure?

About 6 weeks ago I had a lower blepharoplasty with a transconjunctival Incision. At a follow up appointment today, my surgeon suggested a skin pinch... READ MORE

Type of anaesthesia? Local, general, local + twilight ?

Hello, what type of anaesthesia is used for lower lid eye surgery (blepharoplasty) plus fat grafting which will then be transplanted into my under... READ MORE

I plan to undergo upper & lower blepharoplasty next week. Is bradycardia a reason NOT to have surgery?

My pre-op evaluation EKG showed bradycardia -resting heart rate=45. Which anesthesia is preferred - general anesthesia or IV sedation - for a... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait between surgeries?

I just had upper and lower blepharoplasty under local anesthesia and want to get breast revision surgery under general anesthesia as soon as it is... READ MORE

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