Fracture + Eyelid Surgery

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How long does it take for orbital floor fractures to heal? (photo)

It's been 3 months since I obtained the orbital floor fractures and is still have bruising and sensitivity to touch . READ MORE

Enophthalmos And/or Hypoglobus After Orbital Floor Fracture? (photo)

I am concerned that my eye is displaced after an orbital floor fracture. I had surgery 5+ weeks ago to repair the orbital floor and zygoma. It appears... READ MORE

Sunken Eye After Orbital Fracture? (photo)

I had orbital fracture surgery abt 5 months ago. I have a constant mild headche ( 4 days in a week) at the back left side of my eye ( injured eye).... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Trouble After ZMC Fracture Repair, Will It Fix Itself? (photo)

At 4 weeks after surgery my lower eyelid position has not changed much. When comparing left and right, the right one feels firm and only slightly... READ MORE

Late Repair of Orbital Floor Fracture, Is it Safe to Surgically Repair 6 Months Later?

Had orbital floor fracture in Aug 2011 with a soft tissue entrapment/ diplopia in extreme upper gaze and was not surgically repaired. Two months after... READ MORE

Sunken Eye Orbital Fracture? (photo)

I was punched in the eye 10 years ago. I'm not sure if it's my eyelid or eye socket that was damaged I think my left eye is depressed slightly... READ MORE

Can mild, traumatic enophthalmos be corrected?

I had a non displaced orbital fracture a few months ago. I was treated conservatively. Now I have 2mm of enophthalmos. I've read 2mm is often... READ MORE

Can my eye still be fixed? I had a blowout fracture two years ago, never had surgery and now I have a sunken eye. (photo)

I'm just wondering if it is still possible to have surgery so my eye doesn't look sunken in.. (my vision is fine) I didn't have the surgery because I... READ MORE

I Had a Blowout Fracture on 6/15/2013. Now my Left Eye Looks Sunken In, Will Surgery Correct This Problem? (photo)

I really want my eye to look how it used to be, but I am concerned with possible complications of surgery. Below are the before and after pictures. I... READ MORE

Eyelid Deform and Orbit Fractured As the Result of Car Accident? (photo)

My brother was in a car accident last year, and his eyelid was damaged and right eye was exposed.The orbit and sinus is fractured, in a way that the... READ MORE

Can my sunken eye be repaired? (photo)

In early August my right eye suffered a nondisplaced orbital fracture. My eyeball was posteriorly displaced by about 2mm. It's very bothersome to me.... READ MORE

Do I have a sunken eye from an orbital rim fracture? (Photo)

About 2 weeks ago I was in a car accident, and fractured the rim above my eye. I had a huge black and blue eye for about a week before the swelling... READ MORE

Lost Eye Vision After Trauma to Head and Face?

Hi I lost my vision in my left eye after a trauma to my head and face, I know I had an orbital fracture, doctors here say there is no way to restore... READ MORE

Is There A Large Discrepancy In Cost Between Double Eyelid Surgery And Orbital Floor Fracture Repair? (photo)

I suffered an orbital floor fracture which has made my eyes asymmetrical. My right eye has drooped down and back slightly. I know the results won't be... READ MORE

Orbit Fracture?

About a month ago I got my broken orbit (small orbit fracture )and i recover fast, but now I am facial pain,nose and cheek(sinus Area) .what must i do? READ MORE

I have an orbital floor fracture. Should I still get surgery?

But I can move my eye fine and the swelling is going down. Should I still get surgery READ MORE

Floor orbital fracture. What should I do now? (Photo)

I got punched in the eye, I went to hospital for a ct, doctor said I have a floor orbital fracture, he said I don't need surgery that it will heal, I... READ MORE

Do you need surgery for my sunken eyes? (photos)

I was punched in the right eye 8/2/14. CT scan shows that my eye socket to include my orbital bone is fractured in 3 places. The Doctors stated... READ MORE

Can steriods injections eliminate scar tissue formed in lower eyelid and prevent need for blepharoplasty?

I had a ZMC fracture repaired on November 24th. At the time of this post it is December 29th. Scar tissue has formed inside my left lower eyelid... READ MORE

Do I have an orbital fracture and can this be fixed? (photos)

About two years ago I was injured. For a while it hurt whenever it was touched on the upper inside corner of my eye. It's only very recently stopped... READ MORE

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