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Upper Blepharoplasty or Brow Lift for Heavy Eyelids?

I am 30 with heavy eyelids. There is no fat, just excess skin. I am wondering whether I am a candidate for an upper Blepharoplasty or a Brow Lift. I... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty After Botox Brow Lifts?

Hi! I am 31 year old female and my upper eyelids have been getting lower. I could see the eyelids in pictures taken about 7 years ago but not anymore.... READ MORE

Alternative to Eyelid Surgery and Botox?

I cannot use too much Botox in forehead because of droopy eyelids but I am not ready for Eyelid surgery. I would, however, like a smoother forehead... READ MORE

Heavy Eyelids After Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift?

I am one week post op upper blepharoplasty plus open brow lift. I am extremely depressed that my eyes look so different than before. My lid is now... READ MORE

Why do I have hooded eyelids and forehead wrinkles at age 15? (photos)

I noticed when I was actually 14, that the top of my eye lids were covered by the skin on top. I looked at other people and realised that this wasn't... READ MORE

Divot After Glabellar. Post Face, Neck, Upper and Lower Bleph? (photo)

Ok so now i have a big divot in the middle of my forehead. my fat graft has traveled and is no longer in that area. is there some procedure i can do... READ MORE

Forehead Still Feels Tight / Heavy After Bleph?

It's been 4 months after bleph (with one eye ptosis repair; levator aponeurosis cut 2mm and attached to tarsal plate) and my forehead / eyebrow... READ MORE

40 Yo, eyelid surgery, brow lift or both? (Photo)

I am 40, and look tired even if Im not, wanted eye lid surgery for a long time but now not sure if I need eye lid surgery, brow lift or both?feels a... READ MORE

Is Forehead Ache After an Extensive Eyelid Revision Normal?

I have extensive swelling from a external ptosis repair (levator advancement/resection) and just wondering, can this cause the forehead/scalp to ache... READ MORE

I have very bulgy bug eyes but do not have a thyroid problem. Any procedures that can help?

I have had bulging eyes my whole life. I have never seen ONE person online or in life with eyes as bulgy as mine. My eyelids are very thin. It's... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my hooded eyes and small forehead? (Photo)

I am wondering what kinds of things can me done for my hooded eyes. I am 20F. My forhesd also makes my face look squished. Can anything be done about... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits to Simultaneous Surgery for Lower Eyelid and Brows?

How does one go about finding a doctor that will perform these two procedures together? READ MORE

Will the scar tissue on my upper eyelid ever subside? (photos)

So I was recently in a very bad car accident, about 2 months to be exact. I received lacerations on my face, (Left side of forehead, upper eyelid,... READ MORE

Larger eyes without double eyelid surgery? I want to keep monolid. (photos)

I have thick and heavy eyelids. I have wrinkles on my forehead, due to having to use facial muscles to open my eyes. I would like to get cosmetic... READ MORE

Should I get a browlift and upper/lower bleph? (photos)

Hello, I am 38 and feel like my eyes always look tired. I have had a consultation with a FPS who recommends an endoscopic browlift along with upper... READ MORE

Candidate for upper bleph? Can surgery be done conservatively? I just want to look just like a well-rested. (photo)

I am a 29 year old female with heavy eyelids. I have always had heavy eyelids/ no crease, but they are starting to become more noticeable (puffy,... READ MORE

Hooded eyes and heavy brows at 23. Options to get rid of excess skin and raise brows? (photos)

Do I have enough forehead? I was born with hooded eyes and brows that sit low on my face, I know it'll only get worse with age. I've seen... READ MORE

Is it possible to have skin grafts to upper inside of eye lids after a bad eye lift surgery? (photo)

Nobody mentioned prior that my forehead would now pull down and that too much skin would be cut away to cause me deep set eyes and in pics look like... READ MORE

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