Festoon + Eyelid Surgery

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Will These Bags or Festoons Finally Leave or Will This Be the Results, 1 Week Post-Op Lower Eyelid Surgery?

I had lower lid bleoplasty a week ago for festoons on the lower orbital or malar cheek area. I am healing fine with some minor eye redness and brusing... READ MORE

Is Under Eye Swelling Normal After Upper Lid Surgery?

I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty 2 weeks ago my swelling in lids is almost gone but I have quite a bit of swelling under the eyes like I now have... READ MORE

Almost 5 Months Post U/l Blepharoplasty and CO2 And Experiencing Major Discomfort And Pain, What Can I Do? (photo)

My o/p surgeon specialized in treating festoons. They are very much improved, but my eyes are now strange and wide open, like marbles. My right eye... READ MORE

Not Able to Ice Lower Eyelids Sufficiently After Surgery and Now Seem to Have Festoons

Seem to have developed fesoons. Can this be a result of not icing sufficiently post op? READ MORE

Are these malar bags/festoons? (photo)

Hi. I'm 21 yr old male with what I believe to be malar bag/festoons. I started noticing them about 1 year ago and it has steadily worsened. I'm a... READ MORE

I want festoons GONE! Will lateral canthopexy make the shape of my eyes more almond shaped than they already are? (photos)

Eye surgery planned for: lower bleth, lateral canthopexy, and laser resurfacing to lower eye area. has decided on the above as tentative treatment... READ MORE

Festoons or just swelling? (Photo)

I had blepharoplasty/removal of fats of lower bags 6 weeks ago. I had hematoma on right eye and when the bruise went away it looks like I still have... READ MORE

I need lower Bleph, I have large festoons. I've had injections they worsened the look of my bags. What's the cost?

I've had 7 counciltation each has been different. Cost is my concern. I had a LifeStyle Lift. Which is a farse. My eyes look baggy &old. Should I have... READ MORE

After I had an aggressive lower lid bleph I now have festoons on my cheeks. Any suggestions?

After i had an aggressive lower lid bleph i now have festoons on my cheeks. i am korean/italian but on the lighter side. i also have residual fat that... READ MORE

I had a lower bleph with fat transfer 2 weeks ago. I am worried about the results, including lumps and festoons. (photos)

Two weeks ago I had upper and lower blephs. The uppers are fine but I have a hard knot in each of my tear troughs where the fat was repositioned. I... READ MORE

I am trying to locate a plastic/eye surgeon in Pennsylvania who performs festoon laser removal.

I am trying to locate a plastic/eye surgeon in Pennsylvania who performs the same festoon laser removal procedure developed by Dr. Scheiner in Tampa,... READ MORE

Will lower bleph completely flatten these fat graft festoons? (photos)

Festoons under eyes are 100% from shallow, poorly placed fat grafts-this not in dispute. I've seen several PS, s. I had a sliver bleph that raised... READ MORE

Are these malar bags or festoons or just swelling after lower blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I had lower blepharoplasty 8 weeks ago. I also had excess skin removed. I know I still have swelling but it seems to settle and form these bags. I... READ MORE

Any doctor suggestions for a revision on lower lid bleph in PA or possible OH?

I had a bad aggressive lower lid bleph now i have residual fat left behind & festoons. looking for a great doctor in PA to Ohio to have a redo. i live... READ MORE

Eyelid lifts for hubby. Can you recommend a surgeon in Arizona who will work with our insurance company? (Photo)

My husband has been tested and received medical authorization for upper blepharoplasty. He also has what I call festoons in the undereye areas. Are... READ MORE

What do you suggest to turn back the clock?

What can be done for festoons heavy lid upper lip want face more like an upside triangle defined chin eyebrow implants? Help im a mess lol want to... READ MORE

How do I talk to the doctor about not being happy with the results of my lower blepharoplasty w/fat transplants?

All I asked for was the lower bleph. Dr started talking about fat transfers. He never gave me a choice of just a lower bleph or lower bleph with fat... READ MORE

I need help with trying to figure out what's causing my lower eye to swell. I'm not sure if it's allergies or festoons. (Photo)

It's been about a year now that my lower eyelid has started to show obvious puffiness and swelling. I've been to the doctors and was recommended to... READ MORE

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