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Eye Shape Surgery To Make My Eyes More Masculine?

I'm a 21 year old male with really feminine eyes. They are big(round), broadly spaced, and shallow. Is there a type of surgical procedure that can... READ MORE

Would an Almond Eye Surgery Help Me Look More Feminine? (photo)

I am 170lbs. I was 240lbs and Im still working on losing more. With losing weight my face thinning would help. I feel like my face lacks any features... READ MORE

Eyes, Nose and Chin to Feminise Face? (photo)

I posted some time ago with specific regards to my nose and chin. After more analyzing, I realised I need to change my eyes as well. I will like to... READ MORE

I'm 16 years old, male, and my eyes are girly and not normal. What can I do? (Photo)

My eyes are weird looking. so please give me advice on what to do and do you think its girlie? READ MORE

Can I change my eyeshape to something like this? It just looks too feminine/childish to me. (Photo)

Sorry for my bad english. I have ever felt unconfortable with my eyeshape. It just looks too feminine/childish to me. I admire and want to have eyes... READ MORE

What could I do to look more feminine and awake? (photo)

I'm not comfortable with how I look. I know my nose has always bothered me and I've asked doctors about it before and they said I was a candidate for... READ MORE

Could eyelid surgery make my eyes appear more symmetrical and natural? (photos)

I'm a 19 year old male. My eyes are feminine and asymmetric, with my lower eyelids droopy with a negative canthus tilt. I would like to increase the... READ MORE

I'm a male and my eye area has a feminine arch upwards- I hate it. Lower set eyebrows possible? (photo)

Can surgery give me lower set eyebrows? (It's the area between my upper eyelid and eyebrow- it's puffy & bulges out, red x's in pic) I want lower set... READ MORE

Is it a more feminine characteristic to have a larger visible eyelid and more open eyes?

Compared to men, is it true women's eyelids are smaller and their eyes are more open? If that is true, does it therefore follow that a woman look more... READ MORE

Would eyelid enlargement & double eyelid make my eyes look more feminine? (Photo)

My eyes are very small and i a male but i want to have a more female eyes and the same eye shape as the girl's picture? is it possible for eyelid... READ MORE

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