Fat Reduction + Eyelid Surgery

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Too Much Fat Removed During Lower Bleph - What Options Do I Have Now?

I had lower bleph and too much fat was removed, so the left lower eyelid hangs 1 mm too low with scleral show. I went through 2 failed canthopexy... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Lower Blepharoplasty and Fat Removal (Lower Eyelid)

What is the difference between lower blepharoplasty and fat removal in the lower eyelid? any extra procedure? thanks in advance. READ MORE

11 days post op. I know it's early but I have concerns regarding asymmetry. Will the asymmetry improve with time? (Photo)

Asked for excess skin to be just lifted off lashes. No fat removal only medial as it was herniated. Does it look like fat was also removed in upper... READ MORE

I Am a 37 Y/o White Female, I Had Lower Lid Blepharoplasty with Some Fat Removal, Lids are Now Droopy, is this Permanent?

I had no skin removal, the scar is just slightly under my lash line up into my smile creases. I am 6 days post op, my bruising and swelling has gone... READ MORE

Why do I have fat left after left under eye blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I had blepharoplasty in left eye for fat removal caused by fat transfer lump.....it has been 6 weeks but still i have some swelling and lump ..i am... READ MORE

3 and a half months after upper and lower bleph, I'm very unhappy with the results. What sort of revision do I need? (Photo)

I had bleaph 3.5 months ago with skin excision and removal of fat on the inner aspects of upper lids. Lower lids with tranconjuntive lipo excision. My... READ MORE

Hard Lower Lids After Lower Blepharoplasty?

I am 2 weeks post lower blepharoplasty including fat removal and muscle tightening. While the majority of swelling has dissipated, what remains are... READ MORE

I still have bags after 2nd lower eye lift surgery. Should I pay for third procedure? (Photo)

1st Lower eye lift performed 5/2013 with just the fat being remove from the lower eye area. Per Dr. recommendation he did not have to remove any skin... READ MORE

Is it reasonable to ask a surgeon not to remove any fat during blepharoplasty?

I don't want to be one of those patients who tells the doctor how to practice but I want to tactfully convey that I would not like any of the fat... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty options? (Photo)

Hi One surgeon suggested transconjunctival approach with no need for skin tightening and that only on one eye while other surgeon suggested... READ MORE

Can blepharoplasty with canthopexy be done without any fat removal (only skin)?

I am looking into bleph with cantho but don't feel any fat needs to be removed. I am 44 with loose under eye skin which is why I felt cantho would... READ MORE

3 consults with 3 board certified plastic surgeons giving 3 very different approaches and prices for upper and lower bleph?

1. Upper/lower with malar lift 9500k. 2. Upper/lower with fat repositioning 7k. 3. Upper/ lower with fat removal 4800k. What to do? I liked #1and 3... READ MORE

Why do my under eyes look so hollow after having blepharoplasty to improve the look of them. (photos)

I am 7 months post op I had upper and lower blepharoplasty. I now have hollow under eyes. I didn't have this before the surgery. Do you think to much... READ MORE

Have had lower Blepharoplasty -no stitches or skin removal. Left with hollowness making eyes look sunken and darker. (photos)

Blepharoplasty in April 2015. Aug 2016 was given revision surgery as small still remained. My eyes seem to look very sunken, hollow and dark, instead... READ MORE

Simple lower lid fat excision or fat repositioning and canthopexy?

I've had 2 consultations with oculoplastic surgeons for a lower bleph. One proposes a simple fat removal. The other recommends a fat reposition into... READ MORE

Do I need to get a skin pinch for excess skin under the eye? (photos)

I had lower bleph surgery 5 months ago. I chose lower transjunct method with fat removal. I am happy with the results for the most part but when I... READ MORE

Is epicathnoplasty and fat removal necessary?

Hi, when I went for my initial consult (which I was not happy with as he rushed me out within 10 minutes and didn't answer any of my questions), the... READ MORE

Raise low eyelid/ fat removal? (Photo)

Hello, I am wondering what procedure I could do to fix my super low upper eyelids. My upper eyelids lie extremely low to my lashes, I would like to... READ MORE

Upper eyelid shape. Fat removal/repositioning? (Photo)

Hello, I would like to know why procedures I could do in order to achieve desired upper eyelid shape. I hate the way they look, they're to low, and I... READ MORE

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