Fat Loss + Eyelid Surgery

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Can Surgery Make my Eyes Bigger?

I,m 22 years old,i have too small eyes,and its exist very deep and there is completely no fat in upper and down of the eyes so my eyes are very shrink... READ MORE

Is It Possible my Surgeon Took out Too Much Fat After Lower Bleph? (photo)

4 weeks after lower blepharoplasty and skin pinch and it looks like my surgeon took more fat out in the left eye. Is this possible? My right eye... READ MORE

Enophthalmos from Loss of Orbital Fat, Can Smoking Make It Worse?

I am currently suffering from enophthalmos, from what appears to be loss of orbital fat. Does smoking, either tobacco or marijuana, make this worse? READ MORE

I need advice for droopy face and eyelids? (photos)

I am 38 and a non smoker. I live in NYC but willing to travel. I have been wanting a rhinoplasty but now that I have aged quite a lot for a 38 year... READ MORE

Eyelid fat and extreme overall fat loss. Any suggestions? (photos)

If I decide to lose overall body fat with moderate to intense exercising with the help of dieting, would I also lose the fat on my eyelids?? I'm... READ MORE

What are these little bumps on my eyelid and how can I get more of them? (photo)

It looks like my eyes are losing fat, I am assuming these little bumps are fat. If you look closely it would appear that if I had more of them my eyes... READ MORE

I Had a lower bleph 17 years ago and now eyes looks horrible due to aging and fat loss, what next? (photos)

I have had success with Botox objected into lower eyelid are ( directly below the pupil) but occasionally I am left with obvious bruising.) Can this... READ MORE

What treatment would be better for my under eye fat retraction? (photo)

Hi everyone. I have been experiencing loss of fat under my eyes which of course makes the skin look darker and gives me a tired sick look. Image is... READ MORE

Should blepharoplasty be avoided in young patients with mid-face deficiency?

As mid-20s male, I have droopy lower eye lids, negative canthal vector, straight and somewhat unhealthy and tired-looking face, which occured with... READ MORE

Follow-Up: I have hooding which may be caused by orbital fat loss. Does sulcus appear to be hollow? Can it be corrected? (photo)

Is my eyelid hooding caused by orbital fat loss or are my eyelids hooding due to age? I'm 34 years old. Will filler correct this or will I need eyelid... READ MORE

I have very deep sunken hollow eyes, the primary cause is less sleep, stress and gastritis. Any suggestions? (photos)

Over the last 5 years i have lost fats from my cheeks and the area below and above the eyelids. I have lost too much fats from under the eyes, i look... READ MORE

One of my eyes appears smaller than the other? (photos)

I also noticed the smaller eye is deeper and that whole side of my face seems like it is losing fat or caving in? READ MORE

Could a Dr please explain how Plexr works? An explanation of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly would be appreciated.

I've had a very bad experience with Ulthera (volume loss, facial shrinkage) and I am afraid of trying something that I haven't heard a lot about. Is... READ MORE

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