Fat Graft + Eyelid Surgery

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How Do I Mitigate my Doll's Eye (Orbital Fat Loss) Condition? (photo)

How do I mitigate my Doll's Eye (orbital fat loss) condition now that Dr. Meronk retired? I really would like someone to do Meronk's technique... READ MORE

Will My Eyes Ever Be the Same Size Again? I'm 2 Weeks Post Canthopexy. (photo)

Hi I am 2 weeks post op Canthpexy,soof lift and fat grafting. I know it is early days but along with feeling low with my strange new face and... READ MORE

What did Cindy Crawford have done to her eyes recently (I follow her on Instagram)?

I had a lower bleph like Cindy Crawford (when you had one, you can spot the similarities) and have the same hollowness as her (see her Before picture... READ MORE

Had Lower Bleph but Still Have Bags, Is 1 Week Post-Op too Soon to Worry? (photo)

I had transconjuctival lower bleph with fat transfer one week ago. I haven't had much bruising or swelling. The majority bags and puffiness are... READ MORE

Solutions for Overexposed Upper Eyelids?

Hello, I was wondering if a doctor could answer this specified question of mine. Overexposed upper eyelids are not aesthetic for men and often give... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Hollowness? (photo)

I have lower eyelid hollowness as shown on picture. I try 2 fat grafting procedures already (with Restylane), and fat appeared nice after graft but... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes, Fat Transfer or Vampire Facelift or Lower Eyelid Lift? Which is the Safest and Long Lasting ? I'm Only 24 Years Old

I have sunken eyes. I rarely look at the miror because I hate how I look , This is not something that I can accept. I stay at home most the time... READ MORE

​ ​I have bags/ folds of skin under my eyes, would you recommend Eyelid Surgery or fillers? (photos)

I've always had 'folds of skin'/bags under my eyes...not fat bags, but actual little folds of skin. I'm going to have revision rhinoplasty and the... READ MORE

Extensive Swelling and Loose Skin After Lower Transjunctival Blepharoplasty and Pearl Fat, Did the Surgeon Overfill? (photo)

The swelling subsided considerably the first week but it feels very firm just below my eyelid and wobbly more closer to the lower end of the hematoma.... READ MORE

Is it Possible that I Have an Infection After Transconjectival Eyelid Surgery with Fat Transfer? (photo)

I had undergone transconjectival eye lid surgery with fat grafting & implant before 5 years. Recently (since last 15days), I developed swelling... READ MORE

Will This Go Away? Upper and Lower Bleph with Fat Graft 2 Weeks Ago?

Hi. Any advise or answers would be greatly appreciated. I'm worried sick about this. I have what I would call puckering and a small dent by the... READ MORE

Can Open Composite Fat Grafting Be Placed over Orbital Rim?

Can the strip of fat be placed over orbital rim implatns or on top to make the eyes less hollow and improves a negative vector? READ MORE

Consider Canthopexy and Fat Transfer?

I've read if you get canthopexy you should get cheek lift to support it. Wondering if fat transfer (to the cheek area) would help provide sufficient... READ MORE

How Can Eye Bags Caused by a Fat Transfer Be Corrected Without Surgery? Its Been 2 Months Post Surgery (photo)

I got upper eyelid surgery,and a fat transfer done 2 months ago.I got the fat transfered under my eyes and cheekbones.since then i been under... READ MORE

What is the Point of Fat Grafting After Lower Blepharoplasty, a Procedure That Aims at Removing Fat?

3 weeks ago, I underwent a lower blepharoplasty to correct subtle eye bags. This was done in combination with a sliding genioplasty and aubmental... READ MORE

I Developed a Lump in my Lower Eyelid a Few Hours After Fat Transfer. Will It Go Away, if Not, How Should It Be Treated? (photo)

I had revision Blepharoplasty yesterday. As part of the revision, a fat transfer was preformed. One eye turned out great while the other developed a... READ MORE

I have fat lumps in my lower eyelids after grafting. Is there anything I can do about it? (Photo)

Had fat grafting for lower lids last year and ended up with fat lumps. Waited for 6 months and reconsulted with my surgeon (beverly hills). Fillers... READ MORE

Can sclera show from lower bleph get better with time?

I had a quad bleph and lower fat grafting about 2 months ago. One eye has a bit of sclera showing, not too bad, but noticeable to me. Can it get... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons between Fat graph vs blepharoplasty? (photos)

I have been to about 15 different doctors . I got 15 different answeres. What are the pros and cons. Does fat grafting last. Is blepharoplasty too... READ MORE

How do I fix the hollowing in my eyes after an upper Blephoroplasty? (Photo)

I had an upper Bleph in Oct. 2014 and now my eyes are so unattractive and strange looking. Before the surgery, my eyes were, in my opinion, my best... READ MORE

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