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Why does one eye appear smaller than the other? (photos)

My right eye seems to be smaller than the left, or it might just be the crease above it that's lower on my right eye. I've seen older pictures & it... READ MORE

Is Getting Ptosis Surgery Worth It?

I went to a plastic surgeon yesterday about how my ptosis was affecting my eyesight. I was born with ptosis in both eyes.My right eye is worse than my... READ MORE

Do I Need Someone to Stay with Me After Eyelid Surgery? I'm 70 and Live Alone.

Live a lone and in my 70's and need upper eyelid surgery to improve vision. READ MORE

I Have Right Orbital Floor Blowout Fracture with Minimal Displacement Identified, Can I Do Anything?

Doctors decided not to do any surgeon treatment. Just asked me to make exercises to use eye's muscles. I have a small diplopia. I wonder if it is... READ MORE

Poor Vision in Left Eye Dur To Amblyopia- Am I A Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

I have poor vision in my left eye due to amblyopia. i would love to get an upper eye lid lift but am so fearful of losing vision in my good eye. does... READ MORE

Has Anyone Noticed a Change in Eyesight Since Surgery

I feel like my eyesight has changed since upper and lower sx Is it just the healing process.? BTW its gotten worse. How long should I wait to go get... READ MORE

I Have Sight in Only One Eye. Is There an Eye Lift Procedure That Doesn't Pose Risks to my Vision?

I Have Sight in Only One Eye. Is There an Eye Lift Procedure That Doesn't Pose Risks to my Vision? READ MORE

I have big bulging/protruding eyes, what surgery do I need? I have old and new pictures. (photos)

I have really poor eyesight and wear -10.00 contact lenses in both eyes. When I were glasses I require higher prescription. My eyesight got gradually... READ MORE

What can go wrong in an upper eyelid surgery to correct drooping eyelid?

What can possibly go wrong in an upper eyelid surgery to correct drooping eye lid? I've never had a surgery and I'm scared. Will any mistakes make me... READ MORE

Multi-focal lens? I am wanting an upper & lower bleph.

Along w/ a lower face/neck lift. I have had cataracts removed & multi-focal lens implants done about 3 years ago. I have some dry eye that is well... READ MORE

What would make my eyes this drastically asymmetrical? (photos)

My left eye (looks like the right eye in photo) is significantly lower and more forward than my right eye, and I do not know why. When I look at... READ MORE

Why is my left eye getting smaller while my right eye seems to grow? (photo)

My left eye just seems to be getting smaller and my right eye just seems to be getting bigger. You'll notice that my right eye does have some... READ MORE

Why is one of my eyes eyelid and overall eye bigger than the other one? (photo)

What can I do to improve it? The bigger one has worse eyesight also READ MORE

Droop in left eye, do I have ptosis? Should I get surgery for it if I do? (photo)

I have had a droop in my left eye for as long as I can remember. I know that my eyesight is weaker in my left eye, but it bothers me how the left... READ MORE

Any suggestions for droopy eyelid & swollen eyebrow area? (photos)

I've had this issue since I was in my teens (thirties now) but think it's getting worse. My eyebrow area is swollen. I had laser some years back to... READ MORE

I have tilt eye problem since childhood. What should I do to make it normal? (photo)

My right eye is tilted left. sometimes it gets normal ,but whenever i feel tired or nerves it slights towards left. i do have specs. it doesn't show... READ MORE

Will eyelid surgery effect my eyesight? (Photo)

I just want to know that does the surgery will effect my eyesight as the same eye has the better vision than the other So I am scared about doing the... READ MORE

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