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What Could've Caused my Uneven Eyes?

Over the last few years, my right eye - relative to the horizontal position of the left - seems to have taken a hike down my face. It's started to... READ MORE

I Think my Eyebrows Look Too High, Can They Be Lowered? (photo)

I can never figure out why my eyes look so harsh. I think it is because my eyebrows sit too high. Can my eyebrows be lowered? READ MORE

Stitch Eyelids to Eyebrow to Fix Ectropion After Eyelid Surgery?

I need to have a second surgery because my first eyelid surgery did not go well. I have ectropion in one eye. My doctor wants to perform a procedure... READ MORE

Lowering Eyebrows

Whats up Doc, Is there a procedure to correct eyelids and lower eyebrows? To my knowledge there isn't, does anyone wanna design one? In the... READ MORE

Heavy Eyebrow Feeling - Eyelid Ptosis or Eyebrow Ptosis?

My eyebrows feel super heavy on my eyelids, making my eyelids feel very heavy. Is it ptosis?. I did have asian eyelid surgery (along with a ptosis... READ MORE

Can Surgery Make my Eyes Bigger?

I,m 22 years old,i have too small eyes,and its exist very deep and there is completely no fat in upper and down of the eyes so my eyes are very shrink... READ MORE

Can Blepharoplasty Cause Eyebrows to Droop?

1 yr and 3 months ago I had surgery on my upper eyelids. After surgery I was pleased with the initial result of having bigger eyelids. However, it now... READ MORE

Heavy Eyelids After Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift?

I am one week post op upper blepharoplasty plus open brow lift. I am extremely depressed that my eyes look so different than before. My lid is now... READ MORE

What is the Healing Time for Endoscopic Brow Ptosis Repair and Blepharoplasty?

How long does it take to heal from a bilateral endoscopic brow ptosis lift and bilateral blepharoplasty? My job is not particularly stressful in terms... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Eyelid Surgery: Pocket of Fluid Under Eyebrow

This "golf ball" appeared about 3 days post-op, and has been there now almost 5 weeks. It just appeared out of nowhere, and has been sitting... READ MORE

My Eyes Are Very Different Sizes and Shapes, Also I Can't Help Raising my Eyebrows? (photo)

I don't really know why this has happened I only recently(the past year) have noticed this because of my increase of social media sites. But wether I... READ MORE

My eyelids are dropping over my eyes and eyebrows are heavy. Will weight loss help or is there a non surgical solution? (photo)

My eyelids are dropping over my eyes and this seems to be becoming more pronounced over last couple of months during which I gave lost 20 pounds. I am... READ MORE

Procedure for Asymmetric and Heavy Eyelids?

For many years (20 or more!), I have been very unhappy with my eyes, which are asymmetric and heavily lidded. Although I think this may be getting... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove the extra skin or puffiness under my eyebrows to allow more of my eye lids to show? (photo)

I feel as though this is getting worse with age. I'm currently 34 years old. I know that I'm smiling in my more current photo, but my eye lids look... READ MORE

Can Unparalleled Eyes Be Corrected (photo)?

The eyebrows & the eyelids are what stood out to me. so i was wondering what methods can be done to correct this. READ MORE

Eye and Brow Ptosis Only at Night

When I wake up, my eyes and brows look fine, but at night my eyelids droop and my brows fall a lot lower. I know I need ptosis surgery for my eyes but... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Muscle Between the Eyebrows to Feel Stretched 5 Months After Blepharoplasty?

Is it normal for the muscle/skin between the brows to feel stretched 5 months after blepharoplasty and face-lift? My forehead, brow and eyelids feel... READ MORE

Scar On Right Eyebrow?

I have a scar on my right eye brow; and I never got stiches when it happened when I was little. my face grew, and now theres extra skin over my eyelid... READ MORE

Concerned About Drooping Brow and Inability to Make Eyes Look Up After Eyelid Surgery.

It has been 2 weeks and I am still unable to look up after upper eyelid surgery(cannot pull eyeball to look upward with muscles no matter how hard I... READ MORE

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