Exercise + Eyelid Surgery

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Ptosis and Exercises?

Just curious about something. Why is it that the levator muscle in mild cases of ptosis can't be strengthened with exercise but pretty much every... READ MORE

How soon can I exercise after Blepharoplasty?

I am coming up on week 2 and can walk 60 minutes with some brief 1 minutes running intervals. Is there any danger in harder efforts or road bike... READ MORE

Are There Any Exercises That Can Improve Upper Eyelid Muscle Tone and Result in Lifting Them?

Are There Any Exercises That Can Improve Upper Eylid Muscle Tone and Result in Lifting Them? READ MORE

Is eyelid ptosis a weak muscle problem and can that muscle be strengthened with exercise?

My understanding of ptosis is that the problem is lax muscle(s) and the correction is a tightening of that muscle, is that correct? I know there are... READ MORE

How Long Will I Be off my Workout Routine After Canthoplasty?

If I get a canthoplasty done, how long of a break will I need to take from the workout regimen my personal trainer has me on? I can only put the... READ MORE

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty for Men - when Can I Begin Working out After Surgery?

I have "bags" under my eyes which make me look tired all the time. I'm a 42 year old healthy male. I bruise easily. How much bruising... READ MORE

Is there any uneven eye muscle exercises? (photos)

I don't have the best health insurance, so im not able to undergo any type of surgery. Are there any exercises that can be recommended for... READ MORE

Exercising Can Cause Newly Operated Eyelid to Droop?

Hi, I had a revision surgery with incisional method to increase the height of my crease. I initially had an Asian double eyelid surgery half a year... READ MORE

One of my eyes has always been a little bit bigger than the other and I am wondering what I can do to fix it? (Photo)

I started noticing it when I was in eighth grade (I am now 28), my family thought I had a lazy eye. But my mother suffers from the exact same thing... READ MORE

Is hiking a mountain too strenuous for 15 days post blepharoplasty?

I am planning on going on vacation soon after blepharoplasty and would like to know if hiking the mountain is considered too strenuous READ MORE

I had upper blepharoplasty & reverse ptosis 2 weeks ago. Now one eye is visibly lower & tighter than the other. Is this normal?

I had upper blepharoplasty and reverse ptosis due to Graves Disease 2 weeks ago. Now one eye is visibly lower and feels tighter than the other -... READ MORE

24 day follow up. I am still taping for the lower eye droop. Patience is not my strong suit. Using the refresh eye drops.(photo)

I am posting most recent photos and maybe 1-2 days post (if I can find it) for a progression of healing. How long should I continue to tap, message... READ MORE

Is this Ptosis? If so, can eye/facial exercises help? (photos)

I posted once before but I feel the picture was not the best. This is my eyes close up and more relaxed. My left (picture right) eyelid is bigger and... READ MORE

Exercising the day of eyelid surgery

Is it ok to exercise the day of eyelid surgery or should not? READ MORE

I'm 61 and have loose crepey skin on upper eyelids. Would a blep help me with loose skin?

Would a blep help me with loose skin? I do not have fat pads only loose skin that makes me look old. I am in good health amd exercise regularly. READ MORE

I have a sunken in eye as a result of a concussion, will it go away or is there a way to fix it? (Photos)

I got into a car accident and got a "mild" concussion. I have noticed that my right eye has sunken in and is directed looking more up than my left one... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Upper Eyelid just by exercising?

My upper eyelids don't have enough fat. I always exercise my eyebrows downward to transfer the fat into my upper eyelids. I am asian and my creases... READ MORE

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