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My Lower Bleph Scar is Feeling Tight 4 Months After Surgery?

I had external excisions that have significant tightening sensations over the last month or so, which is also resulting in the lid pulling down away... READ MORE

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty with Skin Pinch Excision Possible? (photo)

Over two years ago I had fraxel laser beneath my eyes, that left me with permanent redness, very thin skin and wrinkles (you can’t see them in the p... READ MORE

Recovery from upper eyelid surgery?

Hello, I am considering a minor skin excision on one upper eyelid. How long can I expect the healing process to take (until I can be confident to go... READ MORE

How horrible do skin grafts look on upper eyelids (after all healing is complete)?

To cure lagophthalmos after over-excision of skin in double eyelids surgery. Is the colour difference and "patch-like" effect the only cosmetic... READ MORE

Eyelid Skin Excision or Lateral Brow Lift? No Hooding Problem Except in Very Outward Margin of Each Eyelid.

Lateral eyelid laxity with hooding most prominent at very end of eyelid with almost vertical fold in area just beyond eye folding onto eyelid corner.... READ MORE

Gash Under Eye After Blepharoplasty: It Best to Excise and Resuture Scar or Laser?

After lower blepharoplasty during the post-op, in a state of anxiety I dabbed(stupid)briefly boiled water to stop infection. Anyway, one side has... READ MORE

Doctor didn't wait 5-10 mins for lidocaine injection to work? Blepharoplasty?

My doctor didn't wait 5-10 minutes for the local anesthesia (lidocaine) to fully numb my fat pad before performing excision. Due to my extremely... READ MORE

What is the best technique for bilateral Blepharoplasty for my eyes? (Photo)

What is the best technique/equipment, i.e. marking (for symmetry), excising the skin & muscle (minimizing tissue drag and maintaining homeostasis), is... READ MORE

3 and a half months after upper and lower bleph, I'm very unhappy with the results. What sort of revision do I need? (Photo)

I had bleaph 3.5 months ago with skin excision and removal of fat on the inner aspects of upper lids. Lower lids with tranconjuntive lipo excision. My... READ MORE

No crease at all after a second ptosis surgery. Can a crease reformation fix it? Please help me!!

I had a right upper lid medial ptosis and lateral margin notch in 2014 following a 1st attempt to fix the ptosis through a wedge excision. My 2nd... READ MORE

Tarsal fixation blepharoplasty vs skin excision blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I'm in my 20s and have eyelid asymmetry. I have one crease that is a slightly more strong than the other (it goes into the socket further). I'm told... READ MORE

Will getting a kenalog or steroid shot help this bump after a chalazion excision? Or will 2nd excision be needed? (photo)

I had a Chalazion on my upper left eye lid for about 6 months. I had an excision done in June, the size of the bump as of today has only gone down... READ MORE

Is muscle around eyes excised during blepharoplasty?

I am planing to have upper and lower blepharoplasty to remove eye bags and extra skin on upper lids. Is any muscle around eyes affected, excised or... READ MORE

When to do skin grafting to cure over-excised skin after double eyelid surgery? Do I have to wait 6 months?

Can't sleep, blink fully, eyes are in constant pain of stinging sensations and vision deterioration (esp in class when I can't always be putting in... READ MORE

Is a very minor skin excision blepharoplasty achievable?

I recently had successful ptosis repair. I was thinking of having a very minor skin excision to reshape the lid, and remove some skin on one side that... READ MORE

Should my eyes be bloodshot and dry 7 weeks after an upper blepharoplasty?

They still hurt.. especially the right one which was over-excised. READ MORE

Will this left eyelid correct? Bilateral upper Belpharapolasty-43 days ago (photos)

What is entailed for a more lid skin to be taken off (how risky,since it would be another surgery for left lid skin to be excised?)Reason for upper... READ MORE

Can you give me any hope or direction for this bad blepharoplasty? (photos)

I had a blepharoplasty years ago. Went to new doctor for different procedure. He said that my eyes need fat removed near the nose and that I needed a... READ MORE

Will massage help my over-excised eyelid?

My eyelid was over-excised in blepharoplasty 6 weeks ago. The lid is retracted and essentially non-existent when I raise my brow. Will any kind of... READ MORE

Transconjunctival eye surgery vs the outside excision - which should I go for?

I have been to see 2 doctors about my lower eye bags, i am a 40 year old male bags caused by the fat sticking out. Both said i only need mild fat... READ MORE

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