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Upper Blepharoplasty or Brow Lift for Heavy Eyelids?

I am 30 with heavy eyelids. There is no fat, just excess skin. I am wondering whether I am a candidate for an upper Blepharoplasty or a Brow Lift. I... READ MORE

Ethnic Upper Blepharoplasty for Younger Patients?

Hi, I'm a 25-year-old female who wants to get upper eyelid surgery because I have excess skin. I've read on some sites that I am too young so I want... READ MORE

Could I Have a Revision Eyelid Lift?

A yr ago I had upper eyelid surgery. Before surgery, the dr. showed me where my lid would be & told me his incisions would line up with my new lid... READ MORE

Excessive Eyelid on One Side (Unbalanced Upper Eyelid)? (photo)

My left upper eyelid has an excessive eyelid that I believe developed from stye about a year ago. No problem living, but very noticeable. How can I... READ MORE

I have excess creases/folds under the crease of my eyes. What can I do to smooth my eyelids and make it less noticable? (Photo)

I am 31 years old and I have excess creases and folds underneath the crease of my eyes. I have always had multiple folds but nothing really noticeable... READ MORE

Are my eyes severely deformed? (photos)

I feel like I have numerous issues with my eyes. People comment all the time that I look tired or high among other comments. Would simply getting an... READ MORE

Eyebag repositioning procedure done but surgeon removed eyebag. Now eyes look hallow. Can you help?

Pls help jus went to ps claiming he jus repositioned my eyebag but he ended up removing wat he said as excess fat.. I nevr ask fr any fat to b removed... READ MORE

Scar tissue after ptosis surgery. (photos)

I had my third ptosis surgery last month in Germany. The doctor said he had a lot of scar tissue to remove due to the prior surgeries. Since I'll be... READ MORE

Do I need a blepharoplasty. Eye lid hanging over my conjunctiva and look like I have aged with the excess skin/fat. (Photos)

What are the types of upper eye lid blepharoplasty and which leaves behind the least scares .thank you READ MORE

Post eyelid surgery complications. What should be my next step? (photos)

I have grave's disease and had upper eyelid surgery to even them out and remove excess fat. Post-surgery, my right eyelid was too high and too much... READ MORE

Can my heavy morning eye hood be corrected by a plastic surgeon? If so, what would they likely be removing/fixing? (photos)

History: Double eyelid surgery performed 15 years ago. The hood of my eyes are so swollen in the morning that the lid and crease are nearly invisible.... READ MORE

Lateral canthopexy and slight blepharoplasty? (photos)

I have slightly downturned eyes and would love a slight cat eye like beyonce. I used to be okay with my eyelids until I notice they have a sort of... READ MORE

Excessive swelling after 5 weeks. Will I still heal?

I had lower lid Blepharoplasty 5 weeks ago. I also had some fat removed from under my right eye. I quit smoking 2 weeks prior to my operation - quit... READ MORE

My eyes have sunken into the eye socket.

...To the point where my eyelids droop or sag over my eyes in a non uniform manner. Can this condition be corrected with implants behind the eye or by... READ MORE

How to remove excess fat after lipofilling?

Almost a year ago I had a lipofilling of the upper eyelid of my left eye (see photos). The last photo is the result after 8 months. It's clear they... READ MORE

2 months post-op upper eyelid surgery: problem with excessive tearing during the night.

This problem happens in the night while sleeping. I have a sensation that something is scratching the eyeball and the tears pour out.This discomfort... READ MORE

20, under eye folds/wrinkles; since 13. One eye bigger than the other? (Photos)

I am not sure if these are folds or wrinkles had them since 13. When I cry, under my eyes get puffy and the folds are gone? Is it due to excess crying... READ MORE

Revision required? Is the crease height too low? 1 month post-op. (photos)

I am 1 month post op and the crease height now is ideal for me. But I've heard that the deswelling will continue from 6 months up to a year. Is the... READ MORE

I got upper blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty done 4 months ago and now my eyelids look uneven. Any suggestions? (photo)

Before I got upper blethopasty, my eyelids were hidden because of excess fat. So I decided to go with a medium crease and epicanthoplasty done. It has... READ MORE

Had double eyelid surgery 15mths ago(right eye uneven), right eye started tearing excessively every single night for 8mths now

Had D eyelidsurgery 15mths ago. Caused my righteye uneven. After 15mths, 1 night my right eye started tearing excessively! IT ONLY HAPPENS AT NIGHT &... READ MORE

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