Epicanthal Folds + Eyelid Surgery

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I Want Epicanthoplasty. Can I Get the Skin Squeezed to Eliminate the Folds? (photo)

I am half asian and have regular half caucasion half asianish eyelids but they have epicanthic folds. They look okayish when I look in the mirror but... READ MORE

Medial Epicanthoplasty Scar Is Still White and Raised 3 Months Post Op- Is This Normal? (photo)

I did medial epicanthoplasty on 6 oct 2011, it's nearly 3 months now, the scar has turned white, but it is still very obvious and hypertropic... READ MORE

Caucasian Eyes to Asian Eyes Possible? (photo)

I know there are surgeries for making asian eyes look caucasian, but is the reverse also possible? For example - making the eyes smaller overall and... READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty/Lateral Canthoplasty. Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

I'm 21 and I wanted to do the surgeries as stated since 14.I am not confident with my look and I hope to enhance my face feature by undergoing the... READ MORE

Eyes Appear Asymmetrical. One Eye Doesn't Barely Has a Fold. What Can I Do?

I have two differently formed eyes. My right eye barely has an epicanthic fold but the left eye does slightly more so and I would like to resolve the... READ MORE

Do I need medial epicanthoplasty along with my double eyelid surgery? (photos)

I went to a consultation and the doctor recommended medial epicanthoplasty for my eyes because of my mongolian fold. My main concern with... READ MORE

I have extra skin between the inner corners of my eyes & nose bridge, it might be epicanthal folds. Can it be corrected? (Photo)

Even though I'm caucasian, I appear to have this. No one in my family has them so I'm assuming it is caused by an injury to my nose when I was younger... READ MORE

Elevated Skin (Or Scar?) After Upper Blepharoplasty and Epicanthoplasty? (photo)

I had my blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty 2 weeks ago, and there is a weird elevated skin at the inner corner of my eye. I was wondering is this a... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Surgery Done for Removing my Epicanthic Fold? (photo)

I really dislike the way my eyes begin which is the cause of having the epicanthic fold. Also is it true that if I do get the surgery done, I will be... READ MORE

Does This Epicanthoplasty Look Right? (photo)

This was taken on the third day, I know it's swollen but it's doesnt look right......I get the stitches taken out tomorrow. Any ideas? READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty to Look Asian?

My eyelids have a gap between my nose and actual eye, like the first picture (neither are me, btw). Is there any way I could make the gap... READ MORE

Left with a raised scar or permanent crease after epicanthoplasty? (photo)

Had my eyelid surgery done in Korea along with an epicanthoplasty. Its been a month now since then. Seems to look like a raised scar under the inner... READ MORE

Double Suture Method with Epi and Ptosis Repair - Painful

I just had the procedure done today. I don't know if this is normal but was given local anesthetic injections and it was the most painful thing I've... READ MORE

Ectropian Issue, What to Do? (photo)

I had epicanthoplasty 1 year ago & distance between eyes became too close, so I had epi reversal (restoration) done 3 months ago, but was... READ MORE

Telecanthus or Epicanthus (Photo)

I had a traumatism in my left eye in 2012. A person slashed my LE with a stick and I suffered a cut of my upper eyelid. I had two surgery with the... READ MORE

Will Wearing Contacts Affect the Inner Corners of the Eyes if They've Been Operated On?

When can I wear contacts after upper eyelid surgery? ***The inner corners of my eyes were operated on too (Epicanthoplasty).*** Doctors replied that... READ MORE

Surgery to become more "Asian"? (photo)

I'm a (mainly) white male, and I'm interested in a surgery to produce epicanthal folds, as well as a softer, flatter and more feminine nose. Is an... READ MORE

Is Lateral Canthoplasty and Medial Epicanthoplasty Good to Make my Eyes Longer?

I'm not asian, but i would like to do my surgery in korea in the future. I will also consider jaw operation, because mine looks manly. READ MORE

What are my surgical options to correct my prominent epicanthal folds? (photo)

I have seen several ophthalmologist regarding the appearance of my eyes and have been told that I have prominent epicanthal folds which gives my eyes... READ MORE

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