Enlargement + Eyelid Surgery

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what is the cost of a non-asian eye enlargement surgery?

I would like wider and bigger eyes my eyes are medium sized but I would like to have big wide dolly eyes many people achieve it with makeup but i want... READ MORE

Eye enlargement surgery (photos)

I am 51 years old. My eyes became smaller. I wanted to know if I could have surgery to show a bigger eye. Although I do not have a lot of skin lids.... READ MORE

Horizontal Enlargement of Eyes? (photo)

In my specific case, how can I horizontally enlarge my eyes in order to achieve an almond shape ? I have read a lot, a lot, a lot on this topic and am... READ MORE

Eye Surgery to enlarge small eyes and get rid of dark circles under eyes? (photos)

I have dark circles under my eyes (according to my mother I was born with them), I also have very small eyes. I would like to have lasik so I no... READ MORE

Is it possible to enlarge eyelids 5 months after Blepharoplasty. (photo)

Hello, on April the 1st 2014 I had a blepharoplasty, and I am not quite happy with the result. My eyelids are visible now and look better than before,... READ MORE

My eyes are short. I'm thinking of going to Korea to enlarge my eyes. Is there any surgery in the USA to enlarge the eyes 4mm?

My eyes are short im hispanic should i go to korea to get them large thank you for your answer READ MORE

Non incisional double eyelid surgery + Epicantoplasty OR Ptosis correction? (photo)

Hello! Would like to get some professional advice as to whether I should be getting epicanthoplasty or Ptosis correction for my eyes? I'm hoping to... READ MORE

Would eyelid enlargement & double eyelid make my eyes look more feminine? (Photo)

My eyes are very small and i a male but i want to have a more female eyes and the same eye shape as the girl's picture? is it possible for eyelid... READ MORE

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